Xtra Hot Slot Game Offers Sizzling Slot Excitement

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Xtra Hot Slot Game Offers Sizzling Slot Excitement

I really enjoyed this slot game. Not for its graphics, or auditory complexity, or dramatic theme. It has none of those. It reminded me of when ‘one-armed-bandits’ were the norm. You could feel an emotional attachment to them. No blurring images whizzing past you, no automatic-spin feature. No feeling that you playing games through an ‘X-box’. The best part of these ancient machines was that every spin could make you a winner. They are a real 3-dimensional object. You could scream at it, or the occasion (maybe more than occasional) slap with a hand, or kick with a foot. Go ahead, they are built with those ‘punishments’ expected. Every spin was magic, delightful, and, basically, uncomplicated. That is why I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It was like a time-machine beaming me back to the ‘good-old-days’, but with much higher payouts.

Xtra-Hot is a fixed 5-line and 5-reel online Slot Game, with very hot jackpot pay-out potential of €20,000. Xtra-Hot has the uncommon feature offers of 3x, 4x and 5x multipliers to a winning prize. The players access Xtra-Hot online slot at Energy Casino. For the convenience of the player, without needing a mobile download. The player can use ‘virtual’ money (given free with registration) or ‘real’ money. Of course, ‘real’ money pay-outs require ‘real’ money wagering

 Game Basics

With real’ money, you can wager as little as €0.05 up-to €4 per line. Similarly to most other internet slot games. The prizes are for a combination of symbols showing from left to right. These icons are the traditional; plums, lemons, oranges, cherries, &, bars. Special symbols are the stars (scatter) and the number 7 (jackpot symbol)

Starting Play

Before actually starting the game, the player has to make a bet. The lowest coin bet, whether betting ‘Virtual’ or ‘real’ coins, is €0.05 or €0.25 per spin can only receive a pay-out of €250- Those players that are burning to win the highest jackpot, need to wager the maximum coin wager, (€40 which equals €20 per spin. But the player has the chance to land on that top pay-out of €20k. It is strongly recommended to use the highest coin bet for highest pay-out. The player must show two of a kind (cherries) to start this internet slot

Game Play, Winning, and Pay-Outs

When the reel’s in motion, The Player starts winning when fruit icons appear over reels 1-3. When any other non-fruit symbol appears Xtra-Hot slot game awards the player the x3 Multiplier. When reels, 1-4 (left to right) gets covered with any fruit symbols, that will trigger the Xtra-Hot to apply a x4 Multiplier. When all 5 reels are covered, the Xtra-Hot soft-ware activates a 5x Multiplier, for added pay-out! On every win, the ‘Xtra- Hot , Gamble’ Feature is activated. The player can collect their winnings at this point.

If the player feels that they are on a ‘hot-streak’, there is yet another option given. The screen will show 2 cards; 1 black, and 1 red. The player chooses one of the playing card for themselves The game will generate 1 of 52 deck cards. If the card color is the same as the player chose, the player wins up 5x multiplier to the bet, with a maximum stake of up- to €2,500.







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