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What makes us great? You, the player. Started in 2001, we boldly set foot in the online bingo business by introducing one of the first bingo games that played in Macromedia Flash. Flash games are small and do not require a long download time, making down loadable games a mammoth. We received a lot of good reviews and support from our players.

Now with a foot-hold in bingo, we have branched out to bring you a new variety of games to go with our standard. And as we grow, we like to keep our players in mind, so if there are any suggestions or comments you would like to share with our team – the door is always open.

We continue to improve our games and introduce new gaming products by listening to our players feedback. Features such as “Auto Buy” bingo cards, creative “chat games”, a weekly newsletter co-written by our players are now standard to players, but they would never have existed without your input.

In 2004, we introduced the very first online “Poker Bingo” and we received a lot of praises for making a breakthrough in online bingo game design.
The Bingo Game Network Concept

We want every bingo player to experience our good games! That’s why we created our bingo game network. The network consists of different game sites that feature our games. The number of registered players are beyond are wildest dream – over 500,000 players from all over the world have registered since the debut.

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