Top 5 Vegas Strip Casinos for Playing Blackjack

Have you been practicing your blackjack skills at Bodog’s online casino in anticipation of winning the Billionaire’s Experience Grand Prize Draw? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about taking your online skills over to the casino tables in Vegas?

The beauty in playing online blackjack at Bodog is that you can take your game anywhere. So if a trip to Vegas is in your cards, here are five of the best Vegas Strip casinos to hit up:

1. MGM Grand The mighty MGM Grand houses the largest casino in Nevada which spans a total of 171,500 square feet and includes a selection of limits starting with a $10 minimum with a house edge ranging from .20% to .48%. Visitors of the luxurious MGM Grand will also find plenty of entertainment with Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka” and their nightclub, Studio 54, which is their 22,000 square foot mega-club.

2. Aria Resort and Casino The Aria is one of the recent additions to the Strip and is part of a massive 76-acre project called City Center. The Aria Hotel includes a 150,000 square foot casino floor which lends itself to providing blackjack players with a good selection of table limits to choose from and a comfortable house edge starting at .20% for tables with a $100 minimum. Table limits start at $10.

3. Bellagio
The Bellagio is definitely one of the main attractions on the Strip, with its links to “Ocean’s Eleven” and its dazzling water fountain that draws huge crowds on an hourly basis. Blackjack players can expect a slightly higher house edge starting at .27% on tables with a $100 minimum. Table limits start at $25.

4. Mirage
The Mirage Casino Las Vegas is a tropical haven in the middle of the desert with its palm tree forest and waterfalls. Gamblers are attracted to the Mirage Casino’s great atmosphere and flexible blackjack rules. Blackjack players can expect a 27% house edge on bets of $25 or more.

5. Cosmopolitan
The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino is the new kid on the Strip who is hoping to revolutionize the look and feel of Strip hotels with its glamorous design. The $3.9 billion casino attracts blackjack players from around the world and players can expect a .28% house edge on tables with a $100 minimum. Table limits begin at $10.

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