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TigerGaming Poker Room

TigerGaming Poker Room has been a trusted online poker room since 1999, and is licensed and regulated in Curacao. It forms part of the Chico Poker Network, and is operated by Action Commerce Limited.

This poker room offers great poker action, featuring the highest standards of fairness, security and privacy. As a member of this poker room, you will always enjoy a superb gaming experience no matter what your preference.


Playing poker at the TigerGaming Poker Room tables provides you with cutting edge competition as you play against poker enthusiasts from all over the world… who love to play poker as much as you do.

Aside from the most popular poker games, like Texas Hold’em and Omaha… they offer unusual poker games like Pan and Chinese Poker, both of which are unique to TigerGaming Poker Room.

Besides the poker room, there is also a casino section, where you can play Slots and Table Games, like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Monthly Calendar

Check out the TigerGaming Monthly Calendar… where you will find details on all their Daily Guaranteed Tournaments, as well as Special Offers, Bonuses, Contests, and Promotions.

Special Features

TigerGaming offers you a variety of special tools to use while you play in their poker rooms… for instance, there is a ‘Player Notes’ feature that allows you to keep notes and track how your opponents play. If you are like most poker players, as you play the same opponents over and over again… you cannot help but notice the quirks in their behavior.

The ‘Player Notes’ feature allows you to right-click on an opponent’s seat at the tables to open up a text window where you can type your private notes on the player. They can be stored for you to use time and time again… as well as add new information. Just click the ‘Update’ button when you are done to save and store your private notes.


Join TeamTiger, and experience the real world of poker first-hand by training with the top poker pros while traveling to exotic destinations. This is a great opportunity for young, aggressive poker players who want to compete in world-famous poker tournaments. Start playing for your golden opportunity to take advantage of this special offer.

Poker Tournaments

TigerGaming offers an appealing range of tournaments that attract a variety of players… again… from all over the world. Your choices range from their ‘Heads Up’ tournaments… perfect for when you are in a hurry… or have a small window of time to play, to the larger multi-stage tournaments that can span several weeks.
All the tournaments require a buy-in fee to join, and the prizes vary depending on the tournament structure. Prize Pools are split among the winning players, and some tournaments may also include a special bonus for winners, like pieces of a treasure map or rewards.

Tournaments are available 24/7/365. Check the ‘Tournaments’ section on the TigerGaming website for complete details and schedule.


TigerGaming Poker Room works hard to ensure that all games are 100% trustworthy… secure from both outside interference and irregularities during play.

Transactions are processed through secure online systems that use multiple layers of 128-bit encryption with complex algorithms that ensure no online transactions can be diverted, intercepted, or used for purposes other than those approved by you… and you only.

The games are immune to interference from anyone who attempts to gain an advantage by intercepting packets. TigerGaming Poker Room has taken all the necessary steps to thwart hackers with sophisticated security measures used by all major financial institutions. Your credit card information, personal information, game records, and even your current hand and actions at a table are secured by the system.

The software used is structured so that no one can intercept meaningful data from you during any transmission of information between you and TigerGaming Poker Room.

All game logic decisions… such as shuffling… are made on secure servers at remote locations… protected by both hardware and software security systems.

TigerGaming Poker Room enforces anti-collusion measures to safeguard against collusion among players. Collusion is defined as multiple players working together by revealing their hands to one another and making mutually beneficial decisions at the expense of other players.

To enforce this, sophisticated tracking algorithms are employed, in which the software tracks betting patterns regarding your relative hand strength over an extended period, and then cross-references the information with that obtained from the others at the table.

Patterns that indicate possible collusion triggers action by the personnel. Collusion is not only forbidden, but also results in an immediate lifetime ban and forfeiture of all cash in a colluder’s account.

This security goes beyond the security at any brick and mortar poker room, because their servers record every card that is dealt. You can view your own records through a modified version of the software used to track every hand in every game you play.

Game Fairness and RNG Reliability

Card shuffling algorithms are based on highly complex mathematics and multi-layered, multi-step processes to ensure that duplication or prediction of the shuffling is next to impossible. Every deck of cards is shuffled before every deal, and the likelihood of identical deals is infinitesimally small.

The primary random number generator (RNG) draws random numbers from a period of 219937 – 1 (a number with 6001 digits, which is trillions of times greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe.) This gives it a much higher order of ‘equidistribution’ (or evenly distributed results) than any other implemented RNG.

There is no other RNG that combines statistical soundness and speed that compares to the one used by TigerGaming Poker Room. It is statistically random in all output, and guarantees speedy play, as well as practically perfect randomness.

They use a secondary RNG that operates twice as fast… through avoidance of synchronization, method inlining, and finalization. By using the best of both RNGs, they commit to speedy and fair play in all games.

Customer Support

TigerGaming Poker Room has an accomplished team of customer support agents available to you 24/7/365. Your questions will always be answered quickly, professionally, and responsibly.

Write them at [email protected] and please don’t forget to include your sign-in name and any other relevant information to avoid delays in response to your inquiry.

Banking Options

There are several convenient banking options available for you to manage your account. The cashier services provide you with the finest service and fastest payouts in the industry. They guarantee your withdrawals to be processed within 24 hours, or they will double the amount.

The latest processing time for a withdrawal on winnings at TigerGaming was 05:21:49… that is how long it took for a player to request a payout to the time they had the funds available to them.

Deposit Methods

Please refer to the table below added for your convenience to see the acceptable deposit methods available.
[table id=321 /]

It is important to note that you may be required to fill out a security form to verify your account information. The option for you to fund your account with a credit card might be disabled until the verification process is completed. You will need to send the completed and signed forms to their Operations Department. Contact a customer support agent to get the details on sending information.

Withdrawal Methods

The minimum amount for a payout on winnings is $25. The first withdrawal per 30-day cycle is cost free. More than 1 withdrawal of winnings per 30-day cycle has a 1% processing fee on the total amount of each withdrawal. See the ‘Withdrawal’ section of the Cashier page on the website for more details.

Chico Poker Network caters to the small to medium size poker players. In an effort to protect you from the most aggressive poker professionals they have implemented a maximum cap on withdrawals on your winnings.

The current maximum withdrawal on poker winnings are $5,000 a week or a total of $15,000 per 30 days, plus the total value of your deposits (last 30 days).

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