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In the past, somebody living in France couldn’t play the Powerball lottery in the United States, unless they flew to the US and purchased a ticket. Fortunately, civilization keeps advancing, and so do the variety of ways that you can purchase a lottery ticket. One of the newest ways that people are playing the lottery is through international lottery sites such as So is a good place to buy your international lottery tickets? Let’s find out…

What is

As mentioned before, is an international lottery website where people can purchase lottery tickets from around the globe. TheLotter allows people from virtually anywhere to play huge lotteries that they normally wouldn’t have access to such as the EuroMillions (Europe), SuperEnalotto (Italy), Mega-Sena (Brazil), Powerball Lotto (Australia), MegaMillions (US) and the Powerball (US). In all, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in lotteries at The software on their front page makes finding each big lottery really easy since you can either use the drop down list or world map to find the lottery of your choice. The Promotions

If you’re used to buying state and national lottery tickets from the gas station, you aren’t going to benefit from any promotions or rewards programs. This is a big place where TheLotter differs because they reward frequent players with cash back and other promotions. In the Lottery VIP Club, players earn a VIP point for each dollar they spend through; in turn, these VIP points advance players to either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. If you achieve Platinum status, you’ll get 20% cash back on new lottery purchases. Besides the VIP program, TheLotter offers a Buy One, Get One Free! promo, which gives players a 100% refund on their first ticket. There are also several other big promotions designed to give frequent players money back.

Customer Service

A lot of people are leery about playing the lottery through an internet site. In fact, some of the shady international lottery websites don’t even provide customer service, which further raises suspicion. This is a big area where is different because they provide two ways for players to get in contact with them – live chat and email. Live chat is especially nice because you can directly talk with a representative right away. The email option isn’t bad either since it doesn’t talk long for TheLotter’s customer service team to email back.


As you would expect from an international lottery site, provides their website in multiple languages. Of course, TheLotter goes above and beyond by offering their site in 10 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Swedish. Changing the language to whatever you speak is easy too since you just need to click a flag in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

All in all, is one of the best international lottery sites to play at. It’s also one of the most reputable, so you can rest easy while playing for some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

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