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Monday, 23 April 2018
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South Park video slot

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South Park is a new slot by NetEnt and based on the popular animated TV show by Matt and Trey Parker. It has 5 reels and 25 lines and features fun bonus rounds featuring all 4 of the show’s main characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. The game features sound effects and video clips taken directly from the TV show so this should keep all the avid fans satisfied.

Throughout the game’s hilarious bonus rounds you’ll hunt hippies, kick the baby, kill Kenny, and laugh at fart jokes! Symbols on the reels of course include all of our favorite South Park characters featuring animations from the show and a set of standard card deck symbols like K, Q, A, 9, and 10. There are also bonus and wild symbols as well. South Park is full of bonus features including four different bonus rounds. There are several wild symbols in the game including a Cartman “beefcake” wild symbol, a sticky wild symbol, and an Ike “kick the baby” wild symbol.

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To trigger any one of the bonus games you need 2 regular bonus symbols on reels 3 and 4, along with one specific character bonus symbol appearing on reel 5 only. As mentioned there is a Cartman, a Kenny, a Stan puking, and an Ike “kick the baby” bonus symbol. The Kyle and Stan bonus symbols trigger free spin rounds whereas the Cartman and Kenny symbols trigger bonus games where Cartman has to exterminate hippies or you play as Kenny walking around town collecting coins and trying not to get killed.


Now to explain each bonus round individually. The Kyle bonus round triggers 10 free spins when the bonus symbols are landed on the reels according to the conditions explained above. When the Ike bonus symbol appears on reel 5 he has a chance to drop down into one of the panels below to activate various bonus features. A x2 or x10 multiplier is awarded if Ike lands on one of the corresponding tiles below. There are also tiles for coin wins or an additional 3 bonus spins if you get lucky and Ike lands there.

In the Kenny bonus game you have to safely guide him around town around three zones on the screen. There’s the coin win zone, the multiplier zone, and the danger zone. As expected the win zone awards coin wins, the multiplier zone awards a multiplier which is multiplied by the number of steps Kenny takes on screen, and the danger zone contains one trap, which causes the player to lose a life. When Kenny loses all of his lives the bonus game ends. The Cartman bonus game has him hunting for hippies, and as the player you have to select from 8 different bushes where they could be hiding and one of four possible outcomes could occur. You can get coin wins, multiplier wins, a warning by Officer Barbrady, or an arrest by Officer Barbrady, which results in the end of the bonus game.

The Stan bonus game is again a free spins bonus round and at the start of the round, a sticky wild symbol appears in the center position of reel 3, and stays there for 2 spins. As long as at least one of these sticky wild symbols are anywhere on the reels you continue to play the free spins round, at the end of which your winnings are tallied up. As far as the fun goes there is none better than the South Park slot! I highly recommend it for any gamer, and anyone who is a fan of the show. If you’re not however, stay clear of this slot so you don’t get offended. Happy gaming!


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