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Monday, 23 April 2018
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Snow White and the Poison Apple Video Slot

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Snow White and the Poison Apple Video Slot

The brand new Snow White and the Poison Apple video slot at Bovada Casino is colorful, entertaining and filled with bonus features.  The background colors are hard to describe, but really beautiful, mixing colors of turquoise, green and blue that contrast with the game colors, which are bold and bright.  The game symbols are all based on the fairy tale, “Snow White,” with a wicked witch, a prince, princesses, and of course, Snow White, the star of the game.  A red cherry is the wild symbol, and a castle is the scatter symbol.  Wilds can appear anywhere, and the scatter must appear three or more times to trigger the bonus.

Snow White and the Poison Apple video slot is a 25 line video slot game with a minimum bet of $.25, and a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin.   The bonus has not proved to be “easy to get” on this game, and my usual bet is anywhere between a $.25 and $2.50 per spin (usually on the lower end).  On fifty cents, I managed to hit a special feature called “Cave Wilds,” which created wild symbols randomly on the real and resulted in a win of $96.00!  Not too shabby, huh?  In any case, I find that if my balance is high, $2.50 bets are a great way to make the playthrough requirements, and if they don’t pay, they don’t bring your balance down by too much, but this is just my personal experience with the game.

Snow White and the Poison Apple Video Slot has a bonus round that is triggered by three or more Castle scatters appearing anywhere on the paylines. The bonus is ten spins multiplied by two. During free spins, the free spins can be retriggered, an “Apple Pick” feature can be triggered, where the player gets to choose one of three apples for a cash prize, and the “Cave Wilds” can also be triggered.  There is one more feature during free spins, called the “Mirror Multiplier,” which increases the multiplier for that spin only.  As I’ve mentioned the “Cave Wild” feature can be triggered at any time, as can the “Apple Pick.”  This can increase wins during regular play as well as during the bonus rounds.

To the best of my knowledge, “Snow White and the Poison Apple” is only available at  Bovada  RTG Casino. Although Bovada is RTG, they have a group of their own proprietary games that are a few steps above normal RTG slot games, and they come out with new games every few weeks. New games usually perform very well for the first week or two, which makes new game rollouts an exciting time to play at the casino.  “Snow White and the Poison Apple,” so far, hasn’t performed the way that new games usually do–at least not in my experience, because I’ve had a heck of a time getting the free spins bonuses, and the “Apple Pick” doesn’t seem to pay that well.  The
Cave Wilds” usually don’t pay at all . . ..

As I’ve mentioned, the graphics of “Snow White and the Poison Apple” can compete with any video game that is available today.  Sound effects are slightly improved, with a fairy tale theme, but each reel makes a thumping sound making me think someone is at the door and I find this extremely annoying, and so, as usual, I mute the sound.

Although this review is based on my opinion only, and every player should take care to read terms and conditions before they play at any casino, “Snow White and the Poison Apple” is a game you should play on your next visit to Bovada Casino.  Good luck!

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