Sloto Magazine Brings Positive Vibes to Players during a Difficult Time

Sloto Magazine

June 2, 2020 (Press Release) Summer is upon us and if 2020 was like any other year, most people would be readying to undertake different adventures in the sun. Unfortunately, 2020 is not like any other year and as such, instead of being outdoors, most people will spend their time indoors as they strive to help their countries and the world at large win the battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Yeah, it’s no doubt that staying indoors during the summer is not desirable but that’s what it is. Luckily for casino players, Sloto Cash Casino has taken it upon itself to bring smiles to everyone during this trying time. Through its Sloto Magazine summer edition, Sloto ‘Cash Casino will bring straight to players in the comfort of their homes all the latest when it comes to free spins, tokens, and cash bonuses.

Armed with the latest in terms of bonuses and promotional perks, players can proceed to enjoy their online gaming adventure and hopefully, fatten their pockets with freebies during this difficult period. What better way to substitute your summer outdoor activities than by winning some cash in the comfort of your own home!

Well, recognizing the trying times that we are all experiencing, the Sloto Magazine summer edition is a bit unique as it will share with all players some key insights into the strategies being employed by governments in the fight against the pandemic.


In a statement, Stephen Vaugh, Sloto ‘Cash Casino manager said “We’re living through a pivotal event in human history. We’ve made our magazine as uplifting as possible, while also recognizing and respecting the severity and tragedy of the current outbreak…From every experience, no matter how difficult, we can always extract lessons. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how fast humanity as a whole can act to protect the members of its population.”

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In light of the above, the Sloto Magazine summer edition will come with a dedicated COVID-19 section titled ‘Good News in Corona Virus Times.

You can look at some of the strategies employed by governments worldwide which have brought about positive change.

Expect also to learn a thing or two about the top foods to eat that can help boost the immune system.

Tips and tricks

Moreover, while sharing with all players some top gaming tips, tricks, and hacks, the Sloto Magazine summer edition will also take time to share ideas on other activities that players can do indoors during this difficult time. Gaming is great but just like any other thing, sometimes it’s good to break the cycle and add some variety. On this front, in the ‘Finding Meaning in Leisure’ section, players will learn some insights into how they can best spend their time when undertaking activities like reading and music.

As has become the norm with the Sloto Magazine, you can also expect to find out about the latest casino games such as 5 Wishes, Dr. Winmore, Pulsar, and Diamond Fiesta including some detailed reviews.

Sloto Magazine Brings Positive Vibes

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