Slotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure Island

Slotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure Island


Slotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure Island  just launched and with 19 paylines and 5 reels, ye will have a real shiver me timbers adventure as ye set sail in search of pirates bounty. Treasure Island has a motherload of features, and salty dogs and young buccaneers alike will take a liking to this video slot game. Arrr!

To start playing Slotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure Island ye must first set ye wager and then click the Spin Button to start the reels spinning. The Progressive Jackpot can be a pirates handsome reward if 5 of the “Corsair” symbols land on a winning payline, but beware… ye must be betting a handsome wager of a least $20 per spin to win the Motherload Progressive Jackpot!

Corsair Symbol: 5 of these on a winning payline (min. wager of $20 per spin) awards ye with the luckiest strike of all lucky strikes, with the Progressive Jackpot…the Motherload Bounty! This jackpot would make any pirate proud… Arrr!

Slotland Casino New Video Slot

Wild Symbol: The Jolly Roger character is ye Wild symbol and any winning payline with one of these has a 2X multiplier… Arrr!

Scatter Symbol: Three or more of these anywhere on the reels triggers the “Treasure Hunt” Bonus Feature. Ye must first spot a good place on the island using yer treasure map for reference, and then drop yer anchor and put yer landlubber boot on…prepare to go on a pirate’s booty call. Pack up yer satchel with some tools and bargaining pieces of eight for any encounter ye might have with the natives.

Other Game Symbols:

AnchorsAwayCharmedCompassNativeAreRestlessPiratesParrotRumSlotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure IslandTIScatter

Let the Treasure Hunt Begin!

Begin… remember the pirate’s way and take this pirate’s adventure on with a Hearty Heave Ho and a Bountiful of Gusto! Grab it by the barnacles with yer one good hand and hook right into it! That is the pirates way! Arrr! Try the new Slotland Casino New Video Slot Today!

Ye will be exploring many parts of the island, and along yer way ye may be dealing with the local natives, ye beware to prepare! Aye, there could be the Motherload Bounty on any island ye may be mooring. Ye may have yer lucky strike and find ye treasure chest randomly, or ye may trade some useful items to the natives for their help to guide you to where ‘X’ marks ye spot…Or ye may have a treasure map to guide yer way.

Fair Winds on ye Journey Mateys! Journey on over to   now and collect some pirate’s bounty! Gather yer mates… divvy the rum… roll yer bones… an’ let yer cannonballs fly! Go plunder the Slotland Casino New Video Slot Today… Yo Ho Ho

Slotland Casino New Video Slot Treasure Island



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