Silk Caravan Video Slot

About Silk Caravan Video Slot


The goal of  Silk Caravan Video Slot is to win money by lining up matching symbols on the game’s reels and along its possible paylines. As indicated in the corresponding sections, specific combinations of Scatters and Wilds may result in winning of Free Games or the triggering of Bonus Features.

Increasing or Decreasing Paylines

You can add or remove paylines by clicking the up and down arrow on either side of the Lines field or clicking on the desired number directly. Each active payline becomes lit when active and dark when inactive.

Silk Caravan Video Slot -Wild Symbols and Payouts

The picture to the left is the Wild Symbol. A Wild Symbol substitutes certain symbols to form winning combinations. In the case of multiple winning combinations on the same payline, only the highest winning combination is paid.Jewel is a Wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols except scattered Caravans.

Silk Caravan Video Slot  Scatter symbols

The picture to the right is the Scatter, which is a special symbol. When the correct number of scatter symbols appears anywhere on the reels, a special game feature is usually triggered. See Features and Jackpot Section.Paytable prizes are multiplied by your bet per line, except scatters.Scatter wins are added to line wins and are multiplied by your total bet.

Silk Caravan Video Slot Payouts

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