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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Review of “Loose Caboose” RTG Video Slot

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Review of "Loose Caboose" RTG Video Slot

Loose Caboose video slot falls into the category of older games that are available at RTG casinos.  This is one of my favorite games to play, because I really enjoy the bonus round free spin feature.  The theme of the game is based on a rail road, and symbols include cartoonish characters, such as the Happy Engineer, a wild symbol that appears on a generous basis, and often enough to increase overall wins.  Other Loose Caboose symbols include a female passenger dressed in Victorian clothing, a friendly conductor wearing a blue uniform, and the scatter symbol, a bright red train that triggers the bonus round when three or more appear on any pay line.  Loose Caboose is bright and cheerful, and exciting to play.  Like other RTG video slots, “Loose Caboose” has a jackpot that is paid out randomly, and can amount to a win of thousands of dollars for the jackpot winner.

Loose Caboose is ranked as a high volatility game, with 25 paylines and a minimum bet of $.25, and a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin.  In my experience, I keep my bet at a quarter, and rarely go over $1.00 per spin, because I tend to hit the bonus round more often on a quarter, and the payout on a quarter is often good enough to keep me playing for a long time.

The bonus round is called the “Cash Train Feature,” and is triggered when three red trains appear anywhere on the paylines.  The train rolls across the top row of the pay line, and as it moves, each symbol on the payline changes to free spins, a multiplier, or an additional wild symbol, all of which are welcome surprises.  If you are very lucky, the train will move over the second and third pay line rows as well, changing each symbol to more free spins, additional multipliers and extra wild symbols.  Sometimes the train stops at the end of the first pay line, and only gives a few spins with a two times multiplier and no extra wilds.  This may be disappointing, but I have to say that I have done really well on bonus rounds with this exact scenario.   At other times, the bonus will award twenty or more spins at a 5 times multiplier with three extra wild symbols, and that is fun and exciting to watch.  This is the perfect setup for a really big win.

Review of "Loose Caboose" RTG Video Slot

When I play “Loose Caboose,” I tend to hit the bonus round often when I play on a quarter bet.  When I return to the game after playing other games I often hit the bonus round again, and sometimes it pays really well.  For instance, on one occasion while I was betting a quarter, I won over $100.00 during the bonus round.  I had twelve free spins with a 5 times multiplier and I think two bonus wild symbols.  Like I said, this is a really good setup to win big money.

“Loose Caboose” is a simple and colorful game that does not have the impressive graphics of some of the newer video slots, but it’s still so much fun to play, and an all-time favorite!  However, RTG casinos have yet to improve the quality of the audio, and I continue to wonder why more people don’t complain about the background music, because it’s enough to send me over the edge of sanity.  Needless to say, I mute the sound, but I enjoy playing the games with no sound, too, so it’s all good.

Disclaimer:  This review is based on personal experience, and it’s always a good idea to contact support with any questions you may have before you deposit or play.  Best of luck on your next visit to an RTG casino.  Be sure to play “Loose Caboose,”  and I wish you the best of luck!

Review of "Loose Caboose" RTG Video Slot



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