Review of Dragons Myth Video Slots at Bovada Casino

Dragons Video Slots

Review of “Dragons” Video Slot at Bovada Casino Click here to visit Bovada Casino

Dragon’s video slot at Bovada Casino is among my favorite slots.  It is beautiful to see, and has the potential to pay out very nicely, as most do! Symbols are mystical, magical dragons, depicted regally in beautiful colors. Other symbols are a wild symbol, and the dragon scatter. Wilds can appear anywhere, and the scatter must appear three or more times to trigger the bonus.

Dragons is a 25 line video slot game with a minimum bet of $.25, and a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin.   I would never do it myself, but I would love to watch someone play at $125 per spin.  That would be exciting!  Anyway, the bonus frequently hits on a quarter or fifty cents and can be anywhere from underwhelming to magnificent.  It’s such a pretty game to play, it doesn’t really matter!  Just kidding–I play to win.

“Dragons” has a bonus round that is triggered by three or more Dragon symbols appearing anywhere on the paylines. The bonus is ten spins. During each free spin, wins can be multiplied on a random basis by 10x the about of the bet. In addition, wild symbols also randomly appear, as well as expanding wilds, which I love, love love, because they increase wins dramatically. Free spins can be retriggered. Yay.

To the best of my knowledge, Dragons is only available at Bovada RTG Casino. Although Bovada is RTG, they have a group of their own proprietary games that are a few steps above normal RTG slot games, and they come out with new games every few weeks. New games usually perform very well for the first week or two, which makes new game rollouts an exciting time to play at the casino. The new games at Bovada are the closest thing I can get to that microgaming feel, and I think that why I love them so much.

“Dragons” is set in an earthy-toned,  fancy palace dungeon and is truly beautiful to look at.   It is a stunningly beautiful video game, with lovely artwork with a hint of mysticism in gleaming rainbow colors, and fire-lit sconces.  The artwork of “Dragons” can compete with any video game that is available today.

Audio is typically poor, as it is at all RTG Casinos.  I mute the sounds 100% of the time, and I am a much happier camper by doing so.  In the future, I expect that RTG Casinos everywhere will one day realize that no sound is better than what they are providing, and do something about the problem.

My usual bet on “Dragons” is anywhere from a quarter, to $2.50 per spin, which is usually as high as I am willing to go.  I find that if my balance is high, $2.50 bets are a great way to make the playthrough requirements, and if they don’t pay, they don’t bring your balance down by too much, but this is just my personal experience with the game.

Jackpots at   are for real, and although I haven’t hit the jackpot on “Dragons,” I did hit it for $2300 on another new game, “Queens and Kings.”  That was an awesome experience to say the least.

Although this review is based on my opinion only, and every player should take care to read terms and conditions before they play at any casino, “Dragons” is a great game to play on your next visit to Bovada Casino.  Good luck!

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