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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Play Carnival Cash Slot Game at Buzzluck casino

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Play Carnival Cash Slot Game at Buzzluck casino.

Carnival Cash Slot Game  is a 5 reel 25 line video slotpowered by NuWorks Gaming Software. The theme is a carnival and images are of a clown, fun house, gypsy,woman, teddy bear, dinosaur, jester, cotton candy, target, drink and ticket.

Carnival Cash

The goal of this game is to win money by lining up matching symbols on the game’s reels and along its possible paylines.

specific combinations of Scatters and Wilds may result in winning of Free Games or the triggering of Bonus Features.

Symbols and Payouts


Clown HeadThe picture to the left is the Clown Head, the Wild Symbol. A Wild Symbol substitutes certain symbols to form winning combinations. In the case of multiple winning combinations on the same payline, only the highest winning combination is paid.Clown Head is a Wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols including scattered Funhouse.


Carnival Cash Slot Game Other symbol’s, include Fun House, the Scatter, which is a special symbol. When the correct number of scatter symbols appears anywhere on the reels, a special game feature is usually triggered. See Features and Jackpot Section.Paytable prizes are multiplied by your bet per line, except scatters.Scatter wins are added to line wins and are multiplied by your slot bet.

Features and Jackpot

Carnival Cash Slot Game Clown Feature

  • The Clown Feature is triggered when 3 or more scattered Funhouses appear anywhere in normal games.
  • One ball in the clown game is awarded for each triggering scatter.
  • Press “Play” to drop a ball into the clown.
  • The ball will roll into one of 7 spots, which award bonuses as indicated.
  • Bonuses are +5 or +10 free games, extra free game prize multipliers of +1 or +2, or 3 extra balls.
  • 2 free games at a multiplier of 2 are initially awarded.
  • The free games prize multiplier can reach a maximum of 10.
  • Any retrigger adds 5 extra games to the current feature.
  • Free games are played at the lines and bet of the triggering game.


Carnival Cash Slot Game Feature Guarantee*

  • The Feature Guarantee insures that free games will be triggered within a given number of spins.
  • Instant trigger allows you to try to trigger the free games at any time!
  • A compulsory bet of 5x the current bet per line must be played for the Feature Guarantee.
  • A different Feature Guarantee meter is used for each bet per line increment.
  • The Feature Guarantee meter indicates the number of paid games remaining before the Feature Guarantee may trigger.
  • Any random trigger of the Clown Feature during regular game play will reset this meter to 125 paid games remaining.
  • If a feature is not won randomly and this meter reaches zero, the Feature Guarantee system will trigger the Clown Feature.
  • 3, 4 or 5 balls will be awarded, with all rules as per the Clown Feature.
  • Clown Features awarded by the Feature Guarantee are played at 25 lines.
  • The meter will reset to 125 paid games remaining after this Feature Guarantee trigger event.
  • Each Feature Guarantee meter is independent and decrements when bets are made at that bet per line level only.

Carnival Cash Slot Game Instant Trigger* Chance

  • The player may also attempt to trigger the Feature Guarantee at any time if the paid games remaining is less than 125.
  • The chance to trigger the Feature Guarantee is displayed, and increases as the paid games remaining indicator decreases.
  • Press “Play” on the Instant Trigger Chance to enter the feature trigger screen.
  • Press either “Return to Game” to abort the attempt or “Play” to try to trigger a feature.
  • If “Play” is selected, an indicator will spin around a wheel and stop on either a red or green slot.
  • The number of red and green slots are an indication of the trigger chance at the time and will be shuffled randomly across the wheel.
  • The Feature Guarantee will be instantly triggered if a green slot appears in the indicator window after the spin.
  • If “Play” was selected the Feature Guarantee meter will reset to 125 paid

Play Carnival Cash Slot Game at Buzzluck casino.



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