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Wednesday, 25 April 2018
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Platinum Reels Tournament Pays Off

Platinum Reels Tournament Wins

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Platinum Reels Tournament Wins






Platinum Reels Tournament Wins

Just a few moments ago, I won 1st Place in a tournament at Platinum Reels Casino. It was playing the video slot game “Fistful of Dollars” which the theme for this game is based on Gunslingers in the Old West…it reminds me of the movie, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

I began playing these tournaments in October 2013 and I have been playing them regularly since. My Tournament Wins since then:

14 1st Place Wins for a total of $105. I have won 2nd and 3rd Place several times and all in all I have won $155 in 3 months’ time…not bad!

Those entering the tournaments can choose to buy-in with cash or use their loyalty points that automatically accrue from wagering on games in the casino. To buy-in with cash the cost is .50 or $1 and the prize pool values are $10 or $30 respectively. First Place prizes are $5 or $15 respectively.

I personally use my loyalty points to register for the tournaments, the costs range from 10 to 100 loyalty points; depending on the prize values.

Platinum Reels Tournaments run every 3-4 hours; you can view the daily tournament schedule here.

All players qualify to join any of the tournaments as long as they have the loyalty points or cash to join… the cost is reasonable, and they are fun! It is also a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with some of the games and get some of your very own Tournament Wins! Keep that lucky streak going, turn your Tournament Wins into a jackpot win, and change the course of your life!

Screenshots of some of my Platinum Reels Tournament Wins are in this post … I am hoping to see you there very soon! You can see me there as “letsdothis” alias… Good Luck to All!





Platinum Reels Tournament Wins

Platinum Reels Tournament Wins

Platinum Reels Tournament Wins









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