Pinocchio Video Slot By BetSoft Gaming

Pinocchio Video Slot

Pinocchio Video Slot

Pinocchio Video Slot is a 5 Reel and 15 Payline slot game by BetSoft Gaming that features unique multiple game levels with Fairy Re-Spins, Pinocchio Wandering Wilds, Multipliers, and much more!

It is expected to launch this month (February 2015) at and other online casinos offering BetSoft Gaming’s innovative 3D games. This latest release will be one of the impressive games in the Slots3 lineup, and as the title implies, the video slot is themed on the classic fairytale Pinocchio.

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Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BetSoft Gaming, Mark McKeown, states that their Slots3 series of games are flourishing and they have improved on this already cutting-edge standard. He also remarks that Pinocchio Video Slot will demonstrate unmatched quality in the current market.

Pinocchio Video Slot ReviewInspired by The Adventures of Pinocchio, the game offers immersive 3D graphics and iconic symbols including the beloved woodcarver Geppetto, the wood crafted boy name Pinocchio, who wants to be a real boy, and the Blue Fairy. Passed on for generations, the fairy tale story offers a rich visual history and the game is expected to make a major impact in the industry. The story of Pinocchio was originally written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, and in 1940 Walt Disney bought the movie rights to recreate the story on the big screen, whereby making the animated cartoon blockbuster one of the most popular Disney movies of all time.

Pinocchio Video Slot By BetSoft is a classic story in a classic setting in a not-so-classic slot game.

Travel to School and find the Scatter Wild Books or to the Stage and discover the Dancing Wild Reel. When in Secondary Worlds, all Wins are Doubled!

Play in 3 Worlds:
Gepetto’s Workshop
Pinocchio’s Classroom
The Puppet Show

Or unlock Features in Real Boy Mode.Pinocchio Video Slot Review

The Primary World is Gepetto’s Workshop, where Gepetto is the Scatter Symbol appearing on Reels 1, 3, and 5.

Secondary World One is Pinocchio’s Classroom, where the Book Symbol is appearing on Reels, 1, 3, and 5.

Secondary World Two is The Puppet Show, where the Wagon Symbol is appearing on Reels, 1, 3, and 5.

Unlock Real Boy Mode
Collect Real Boy Mini Symbols during your gameplay, no matter which world you are in. Each time a Real Boy Mini Symbol appears in the lower corner of a symbol, it will be collected. Collect 5 total to trigger Real Boy Mode.

During standard gameplay, all Pinocchio Symbols are Wood Boys. During Real Boy Mode, all Pinocchio Symbols are transformed into Real Boys. Real Boys are Wild and will substitute for all other symbols, except for Wagon, Books, and other Scatter Symbols.

When in Real Boy Mode, Wood Boy Mini Symbols will appear on the Real Boy Symbols. Collecting 5 total Wood Boy Mini Symbols will return the game to Wood Boy Mode… or standard gameplay.

Pinocchio Video Slot ReviewFairy Awesome Respins
When there is a no-win situation, like where stopping position of Reels, 1, 2, or 3 prevents you from earning a 5X combo, (except in cases where Real Boy Symbols appear), your Fairy Companion will appear on the reels to magically respin the reels to give you a second chance of winning. The respin is Free and will not decrease the remaining spins when you are in any Secondary World, or during any other feature. The respin occurs before any other features (like Wild Reel, or any collectible symbol), and may cancel that pre-existing feature.

Primary World: Gepetto’s Workshop
When a Gepetto symbol appears on Reel 3, the Wild Scroll feature triggers. When triggered, the Scroll will move across the reels from right to left, respinning the reels as it moves across. Each respin is Free and can earn brand new wins each time. More than one Wild Scroll can be triggered at once.

Secondary World: Pinocchio’s Classroom
When the Books Symbol appears on Reels 1, 3, and 5, the Wild Scroll feature triggers. When triggered in this world, the Wild Scroll will move down the reel on which the feature is triggered. Each time it moves down, the reels will respin. Each respin is Free and can earn brand new wins each time. More than one Wild Scroll can be triggered at once.

Secondary World: The Puppet Show
When a Wagon Symbol appears on Reel 3, (after wins are paid from the spin), Reel 3 becomes a Wild Scroll Wild Reel. This reel will remain Wild for 5 complete respins. Each respin is Free and can earn brand new wins each time. In this world, you get to watch Pinocchio perform as you enjoy all your chances to win!

Changing Worlds
Gepetto’s Workshop is Pinocchio’s Primary World and where you will begin your gameplay. During each spin in the Primary World, Special Symbols like the Wagon Symbol, and the Books Symbol may appear on Reels 1, 3, and 5. Each time one of these symbols appear, it is collected towards transportation to another world.

Wagon Symbol
When the Wagon Symbol appears it is collected in the ‘Stage’ fill meter. Each symbol equals 1 towards the total. Collect 10 to unlock ‘The Puppet Show’ World.

Books Symbol
When the Books Symbols appears it is collected in the ‘Classroom’ fill meter. Each symbol equals 1 towards the total. Collect 10 to unlock ‘Pinocchio’s Classroom’ World.

When you fill either of the meters for the Secondary Worlds, you will be transported to that world. If there are any Wild Scrolls active, their feature will continue to play until it is complete before you are transported to your new world.

When you are transported into a new world, you have an 8 spin countdown before you are returned to the Primary World. Each time a spin in a Secondary World results in a win, the spin countdown is not decreased. No unpaid spins (such as the Fairy Respins or Wild Scroll action) will decrease the countdown of these 8 spins. Once the countdown reaches zero, you are returned to the Primary World.Pinocchio Video Slot Review

Double Up Mini Game
Following any standard payout or Scatter Pay, you have the opportunity to Double Up your win by clicking the ‘Double Up’ button on the bottom right position of the game panel. A second screen will appear with a coin. Predict whether the next coin toss will result in ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’. A correct prediction will result in a-Doubled Up Win. An incorrect prediction will end the game, and you lose your stake. You can Double Up as many times as you like… simply select the ‘Collect’ button when you want to return to the game reels.

General Game Information
All wins are multiplied by your line bet.
The game pays from left to right.
All pays are doubled in Secondary Worlds.
Changing your bet will reset your collections.
If more than one reel can be respun to create a 5X win during the Fairy Respins, the reel with the chance for the bigger win will be respun.
Fairy Respins can be triggered by the Wild Scroll feature.
Any progress towards the other Secondary World remains the same when you are transported to another world.
Scatter wins are added to payline wins.
Books, Wagons, or Boy Symbols are not collectible during the Wild Scroll Feature, or the Fairy Respin Feature.

Two additional games from the BetSoft Gaming Slots3 series are expected to be released shortly after Pinocchio Video Slot; Rise of the Dragon and Money Maker. The rise of the Dragon will be themed on the Fantasy world of Dragons, and Money Maker is themed on the popular game show.

Players and BetSoft Gaming fans alike have a lot to look forward to with these new releases offering rich 3D cinematic animation and sound. They are all expected to be released for desktop and mobile simultaneously.

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