Orc Vs Elf Real time gaming Video Slot Review

 Orc Vs Elf Video Slot Review

Orc Vs Elf Video Slot is a new 3D RTG RTG video slot machine recently released by Real Time Gaming Casinos.Orc Vs Elf Real time gaming  Video Slot Review

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The game opens in an action-packed scene with the Orc and the Elf deep in battle; players choose the warrior they will be during gameplay…Choose Orc or Elf. Orc is a huge beast …, and Elf is a handsome blonde Elvin King… the character is used for the Battle Bonus. After the Battle Bonus concludes, player may choose again.


Orc is an expanding Wild on Reel 1 and substitutes for all symbols except Elf Shield. Elf is an expanding Wild on Reel 5 and substitutes for all symbols except Orc Shield. Orc and Elf count once on their reel for scatters.


The Scatter Symbols are the Battle Bonus, the Orc Shield, or the Elf Shield. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager.

Game Symbols:

Game Symbols include the Orc, the Elf, the Fortress of Orcholme, the Citadel of Elveros, Wolves, the Unicorns, the Orc Banner, the White Lily, the Skulls, the Magic Potion, the Orc Fort, and the Elvin Bow & Arrow.


There are 25 paylines, 5-reels, and a minimum wager of .25 and a maximum wager of $125.

Orc Or Elf?

When you are playing the Orc, 3 or more Orc Shields in normal game triggers an Orc Feature. When you are playing the Elf, 3 or more Elf Shields in normal game triggers an Elf Feature.

Feature Trail

There are 7 Orc Features on the trail to the Fortress of Orcholme. There are 7 Elf Features on the road to the Citadel of Elveros. Player may either accept the triggered feature, or continue on the journey. Anytime up to the next triggered feature player may decide to play this skipped feature. Taking any feature resets the feature trail.

Feature Triggers – Trail To Orcholme:

Goblins Gold Feature: 5 Free Spins, during which Darkling symbols pay double. Darling symbols are Orc Shields, Orc Forts, Wolves, Banners, Skulls, and Swords.

Hobgoblin Feature: As per Goblins Gold Feature, but 6 Free Spins, and 2 Scatters awards an extra Free Spin.

Orc Army Feature: As per Hobgoblin Feature, but Orc Forts become extra Wilds if the Orc appears. Extra Wilds substitutes all symbols except Scatters.

Orc Horde Feature: As per Orc Army Feature, but an extra Orc is added to Reel 1.

Giant Spins Feature: As per Orc Horde Feature, but Darkling symbols pay double.

Chaos Spins Feature: As per Giant Spins Feature, but 7 Free Spins are initially awarded.

Orc Onslaught Feature: As per Chaos Spins Feature, but the last spin becomes a SuperSpin. The Orc covers Reel 1 during the SuperSpin.

Feature Triggers – Trail To Elveros:

Woodland Spins Feature: 6 Free Spins.

Elf Magic Feature: As per Woodland Spins Feature, but an extra Wild on Reel 2, 3, or 4 after the spin. Extra Wilds substitute all symbols except Scatters.

Huntsman Feature: As per Elf Magic Feature, but 7 Free Spins and the lf will hunt any Orc appearing on Reel 1, slaying the Orc awards a bonus of up to 200X wager.

Ancient Archer Feature: As per Huntsman Feature, but the Elf will also target Wolves appearing anywhere. Killing a Wolf awards a bonus of up to 100X wager.

Archmage Feature: As per Ancient Archer Feature, but 1 or 2 extra Wilds are added after each spin.

Forestal Feature: As per Archmage Feature, but any elf appearing awards an instant SuperSpin,  extra Wilds are added after any SuperSpin, and Orc and Wolves bonus prizes are doubled.

Elf King Feature: As per Forestal Feature, but 8 Free Spins and any SuperSpin also adds an extra Wild to Reel 5.

Battle Bonus:

The Orc and Elf battle when “Battle Bonus” symbols appear on Reels 2, 3, and 4. An Orc Victor triggers the Goblins Gold Feature. An Elf Victor triggers the Woodland Spins Feature. Defeat awards a consolation bonus of 2X to 10X the wager. The winner also accrues a Victory Point.

Ultimate Victory:

The first warrior to accrue 3 Victory Points is the Champion. The Victor’s award determined by the number of battles that lead to the triumph.

Orc Player:

A 3-0 Victory awards the Orc Onslaught Feature.

A 3-1 Victory awards the Giant Spins Feature.

A 3-2 Victory awards the Orc Army Feature.

Defeat awards the Hobgoblin Feature.

Elf Player:

A 3-0 Victory awards the Elf King Feature.

A 3-1 Victory awards the Archmage Feature.

A 3-2 Victory awards the Huntsman Feature.

Defeat awards the Elf Magic Feature.

The fight for control of Middle Earth is on. Visit any of your favorite RTG Casinos to be a part of this Legendary Fantasy World and play as the Orc or the Elf in this Astonishing 3D Adventure with 14 Bonus Rounds, A SuperSpin Feature, and the Chance to Choose Your Destiny.

Orc Vs Elf Video Slot Review

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