On a recent trip to my Favorite land based casino

  On a recent trip to my favorite land based casino (Twin River), I sat in front of one of the hundreds of slot machines and started playing, as I  fed that one slot machine I wondered why do we really love slot machines

Even though I was losing at the time, I found myself unable to steer away and continued to bet one “pull” after another. A tidy profit that I’d created at the blackjack table soon dwindled down to zero. When I made my last bet, I scanned around the casino floor at the hundreds of others who sat there doing the precise same thing.

I questioned, where the odds therefore stacked against winning at slots, how did Twin River keep us playing till our money was gone? It needed to be more than simply blind greed throwing twenty after twenty into the slot machine in hopes that the big jackpot was just a draw back. Then, suddenly, I watched the machine next to me coax another gambler into enjoying. Only then did I see that the machine itself was motivating us to play. It was using techniques that kept people in general seated for hours while it slowly took their money. It motivated them. It motivated them using ways that a lot of managers should be willing to pay to be told.

We tend to humans are a lazy heap every now and then. We tend to take the straightforward road. We tend to like doing the enjoyable. We tend to like having fun. Slots charm to us by dazzling us with brightly coloured lights that twinkle and flash. Grabbing our attention from across a crowded room and beckon us to play. It calls our name with bells, music, and cute little sound effects. Never mind that truth that it intends to rob us, it makes us proud of dancing digital cartoons, spinning wheels, and bonus rounds. We gladly heed its decision and sit right down to play.

No one forces us. We tend to’re happy to try to to it. Upon beginning a project, several managers forget the importance of motivating their team members to the purpose that they are excited to be concerned within the project. I’m not talking about deceiving workers into blindly marching into a uninteresting and boring job but, instead, mean that managers often do not sell the opportunities that are inherent in the project. They forget to speak concerning why the project has got to be done and the benefits that the team members and the organization will accrue at the completion of the project.

The managerial expectations run from, “I expect this done as a result of I said therefore,” to “It has got to be done, so suck it up and find to it.” Few take the time to inspire before the work begins. There isn’t any time allocated to encourage and uplift. Properly motivated, team members ought to be therefore itching to get started that they simply cannot sit still, they’re excited to get started.
Minimize the results of the losses
When the button is pushed to place a wager on a slot machine, the quantity of the wager is deducted quickly and quietly. One hardly even notices that the bet has been deducted from the monies that they may have within the machine. After one losing game is over, the wheels stop spinning and therefore the digital display stops. The slot machine merely sits there and does nothing. It does not nag, scream, or berate the bettor. It doesn’t ridicule and embarrass. It attempts to create the loss as painless as bearable

Some managers,  adhere to the philosophy that staff should be “inspired” by nags, threats, and tirades. When the project hits a rough spot, the sole approach to urge the team through it is to bring out the whips and force everyone through. They “lead” from the back, using the whip to force their team members forward rather than leading from the front. Mistakes are exaggerated and staff are created to be examples of what not to try and do. Managers, instead, ought to be keeping employee morale high by minimizing the consequences of any issue or losses. This isn’t to mention that managers must gloss over screw-ups and lost ground because of issues. Instead, they have to admit that difficulties are being experienced, however they can be overcome by perseverance and exhausting work. Setbacks are temporary and can be defeated. Managers should be making obstacles (losses to a gambler) smaller in appearance and conquerable, inspiring the team to greatness. Defeatist attitudes and negative communication demoralize teams into inaction or mutiny. So, in slot machine terms, minimize the losses.
Celebrate the wins!

I might have bet five and won twenty five cents, however the slot machine will celebrate that win as if I had doubled my cash. It will thus loudly by playing happy music, ringing bells and also the lights and screen burst with bright colours. In addition, it insists on counting each of these 25 cents individually as they are deposited into my account. It stretches out the nice feelings regarding that win so long as it can. Wow! Don’t I feel special! I’m dying to pull that handle again!

Celebrating “wins” throughout the course of a project is important for team morale. It conjointly shows the team members that you’re tracking their progress and noticing when they do well. Everyone loves a pat on the back and to feel appreciated. These rewards are important to team members. Remember the recent adage, “What gets rewarded, gets done!” Opportunities for rewards ought to be designed into each project by the manager to keep up project momentum.
Some managers can browse this and say, “Easy stuff! I already knew that.” Yet, as Dr Phil states, “Many individuals grasp what to do, however few folks do what they recognize.” The fact that a lot of employees have negative feelings about their bosses appears to validat DPhilps’ assertion. Therefore, go and do what you recognize about motivating your team members.


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