Millennials Turning Slots into Video Games

Vegas New Bet on Grabbing Millennials: Turning Slots into Video Games

When you think about slot machines, you might think of a bunch of older men and women sitting around playing them. Slots generally make you think of senior citizens and pulling a lever in hopes of winning. This makes it unattractive to many younger individuals. Millennials enjoy gambling, but they never go to the slots. They typically go to the tables, gambling with Black Jack or Poker or one of the many other games available. If you go to Vegas, you will rarely see any of them around the slots. It just does not have the excitement or appeal that they crave. However, things might change sometime soon. Vegas is trying a new way to bring them to one of the most profitable aspects of the casinos.

Slot machines are hugely profitable. This is where most of the money comes from casinos. People will typically sit there and play for hours, constantly putting in more money with little to no reward. The low cost to play combined with the simplicity of it makes it an attractive game for many casino goers. It is all about chance so there is no reliance on personal skills. Thanks to the low chance of winning, people will continue to put money into the machines without casinos having to pay out too much. Since most people play until they hit it big, which rarely ever happens, they are a favorite for casinos.

Of course, the main audience for slot machines is older individuals. Few millennials set foot in the slot machine areas of casinos. They simply do not have the pull that they do for older generations, which means that casinos are getting less money than they could. To bring in the millennial audience, casinos have found a new approach to slots: Turning them into video games. This is a new way to attract a younger audience by making it more pleasing in nearly every way for younger gamblers. The games will feel and look like many casual games on mobile devices but will pay out real money.

These games require a bit of skill and effort to win. They play similarly to games like having you work to make money from the slots. This is a rather big change from the original slots that were about flashing lights, loud noises, and simplicity. They appeal to a younger audience that expects more complexity. Right now, for the younger gamblers, the main attraction in casinos is the table games. Many go to Vegas every year to gamble, and these are the games they choose. Adding a more complicated level to slots will bring in more of those millennials to slots, or at least casinos are hoping this is the case.

Currently, there is a bill out there that should make this possible if passed. Currently, the bill is under consideration. If passed, casinos can start to make games modeled after popular casual games on mobile devices and Facebook These games will allow you to play from anywhere using virtual credits, and will allow you to gamble with real money if you are somewhere where gambling is legal.

If this bill goes through, it is possible that millennials will start to go to slots more often. These games can appeal to a much larger, younger audience because it gives them what they want. Rather than relying on simplicity, like current slots, it will add complexity and require some skills to play. It will give the average millennial an entertaining way to play slots, which will drive up the number of them putting money into this form of gambling.

Millennials Turning Slots into Video Games


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