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Leander Gaming Casino Software


Leander Gaming

Founded in June 2008, Leander Gaming is a young team of professionals with very diverse backgrounds, however they all have one thing in common… they all are passionate about everything involved in game design, and their goal is to create the best performing games in the industry.

These young professionals chose to call themselves Leander Gaming because Leander stands for “Lion Man,” a legend who exhibited these values as the true king of the jungle at every opportunity, waiting until the right time and only then showing his true strength. Leander represents strength, energy, passion, fun, excitement, spontaneity, and fire; qualities that drive these young professionals when it comes to creating new games.

This team of young professionals deeply enjoy game and game platform comparisons, what makes a game successful, what is important to players of certain games, and what it is that drives players to spin the reels of certain games as opposed to others. Their experience comprises a combination of specialties in different areas, such as statistics, mathematics, illustration, animation, design, psychology, script writing, and more, but mostly… players of video games.

Leander Gaming defines its own unique style by creating a balance of features in their games that is rare, and therefore difficult to find in many games. This balance consists of excellent graphics, great animations, unique game concepts, and exciting mathematics. Not to mention the ability of their flexible team to adapt to the integration capabilities of each of their client’s needs.

Since 2008, Leander Gaming has accomplished building an extensive library of appealing and innovative games, attracting attention from largest platforms in the gaming industry today. They are committed to creating games players will enjoy playing as much as they enjoy creating them.

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