Las Vegas Welcomes Smokers With Open Arms

Most of us know Las Vegas to be a playground for adults where anything goes and that includes smoking just about anywhere your little heart desires. With the world honing in on the creation of smoke-free areas, Las Vegas casino owners feel that smoking in Las Vegas is a freedom that their customers enjoy and have no plans of jumping on the smoke-free bandwagon.

According to UPI, Las Vegas residents voted on an anti-gambling legislation that would tackle smoking issues but it seems that casinos somehow found a way to squeeze their way out of that one. While some casinos do offer smoke-free slot machine and table game areas including The Bellagio, The Mirage, and The MGM Grand many other casinos focus on pumping out on recycling the air and pumping out the smoke. While these casino’s efforts may show that they are taking a step toward keeping the air clean, it’s not nearly enough especially for the employees of the casinos who have to put up with the second hand smoke around the clock.There’s currently a $5 million federal class action lawsuit against Wynn Las Vegas which was put into place by blackjack dealers who work the floor and are seeking some sort of protection from long term exposure to the smoky air. UPI also stated that the best their lawyers will probably be able to do for them is to help them put into place better air purification systems but this remains to be seen since the case is still active.

It’s truly a David and Goliath type battle unless the government decides to step in but good luck with that. Anything that will hurt revenues right now will probably be off the table for a long time and Las Vegas wouldn’t be able to stand taking a hit as far as their image is concerned for being an adult playground.Find over 70 online Looking for the hottest casino action? Find over 70 online casino games that pay out day after day. Make a name for yourself at Bodog Casino today!

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