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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Joey Chestnut Reclaims Meatball Eating Title At the Rio Hotel and Casino

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Like meatballs? Joey Chestnut sure seems fond of them, especially after eating 43 meatballs in 10 minutes during the Annual Martorano’s Masters Meatball Eating Contest at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Chestnut was the champion meatball eater after he and 14 other contestants competed for the grand prize of $1,500 and a gold Martorano engraved necklace. Great thing to put on your resume!

Joey Chestnut, who was in the process of priming himself to beat his own record of 50 meatballs in 10 minutes seems to have gotten a bit distracted the day before and managed to strayed from his prep routine which led to his weakened meatball eating skills and the world record. Nonetheless, Joey was still the champion.

According to Las Vegas Weekly, Chestnut’s shenanigans from the night before really affected his ability to consume. Most of champion eaters generally prep the night before but it seems that instead of consuming his 26 pounds of water to stretch his muscles, he instead opted for a few drinks at the bar. Chestnut also claimed that the hostess of the competition, blonde bombshell Holly Madison was a very big distraction and kept him unfocused.

“I just couldn’t get into the rhythm of it. I saw Holly there. She’s beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was sitting so close to her. I lost my concentration. I was thinking more about her than the meatballs. I’m the only one to blame, but she really distracted me, and my mind was elsewhere,” he said.

Joey really shouldn’t worry that much, the guy still managed to walk away a meatball eating champion and his friend, Mr. Martorano who’s a self-taught Italian cook, got the love and respect he’d always wanted for his Italian meatballs at the Rio.

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