Intertops Poker Launches the Triple 9: $999 GTD Poker Tournament

Tournament running from May 17-27, 2021

Intertops Poker Launches New Poker Tournament

The good news coming from Intertops Poker for all poker lovers is that starting May 17 up to 27, 2021, they can partake in 9 different poker tournaments! Yes, we didn’t make any mistake – just as you read, there are NINE poker tournaments running.

All of the 9 poker tournaments are part of what the casino dubs the ‘Triple 9 Series’. Each of the nine poker tournaments comes with a $999 prize pool.

Key Requirements to Enter into the Tournament

It’s no doubt that all poker players at the casino will be aiming to enter into one or more of the tournaments come May 17. Well, it’s advisable to enter into the tournament as you can set yourself on a path of great financial rewards. However, before you enter, there are some key things to take into cognizance.

These are as follows:

Firstly, the buy-in for any of the nine poker tournaments stands at $29. Essentially, this means the tournaments are open to all types of players from the low rollers to the high rollers.

Second, all of the participating games have nine-minute blinds.

Third, the maximum number of re-entries is also set at nine.

How to Get a Seat at the Table

To start participating, players can either use the download version of Intertops Poker site or use the instant play poker app. Using any of these; players need to visit the Tournament Lobby and head to the Promotions page. Once on the Promotions page, players are able to see the Triple 9 Series poker tournament.

Significance of Number 9

Just by looking at the name of the tournament as well as several aspect relating to the tournaments, its crystal clear that the number ‘9’ pops up frequently. This is actually a deliberate move by Intertops Poker as explained by the Intertops Poker manager:

“The number 9 is associated with longevity – a good trait for a poker player… So we’ve got some exclusive gear for nine players that grind through all nine tourneys!”

As the number 999 in the secular world is often associated with ‘completion’, the casino saw it fit to set the maximum tournament win at $999 to signify the end of the tournament once the winner emerges.

Tournament Details

May 17-27, every day at 4:05 pm Eastern
Texas Hold ‘em / max 9 re-entries
Buy-in: $27 + $2
9 min blinds / 999 starting chips

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