Intertops Celebrates its Silver Jubilee in the Gaming Industry

To celebrate the milestone, Intertops redesigns its in-play sportsbook

Silver Jubilee  as Intertops Marks 25 Years into Online Gambling Industry

In the month that’s known as the Month of Love some 25 years back… a gambling company by the name Intertops ventured into the online gaming industry.

At the time, no operator had made the transition from land-based gambling to online gambling thus Intertops became a pioneer operator in the industry. 25 years later, Intertops is still going strong and now offers a wide range of gambling options.

Humble Beginnings

25 years back, Intertops handled its first wager.

when a Finnish punter placed a $50 bet on Tottenham Hotspur to beat Hereford in an FA Cup fourth-round tie. The punter won at odds of just 1.04 meaning he took home $2 more on his $50 wager.

Though small, the Finnish punter’s win marked the emergence of an online gambling giant which will, later on, grow to handle billions of wagers.

Steady Growth

Just as the casino had been a pioneer in the online gaming industry, in the year 2000, it also became a pioneer in the mobile gaming sector when it launched the first-ever mobile betting site.

That, however, was not going to be the latest time that Intertops would be a pioneer as a couple of years later, it also became a pioneer in the live-betting realm.

Becoming a gaming giant

When it started, Intertops was predominant in the sports arena. However, that all changed as years passed.

Nowadays, Intertops is a force to be reckoned with not only in sports gambling but also in other gambling niches including casino games and poker. This essentially makes it a gambler’s paradise as all players can enjoy a full range of online gaming entertainment.

More to Come

They say the sky is the limit, however, when it comes to Intertops, there really is no limit. As Intertops celebrates its silver jubilee, it’s promising all of its punters of an even smoother, more entertaining and more enterprising gambling adventure at its redesigned in-play sportsbook.

To mark the 25 years since the launch of Intertops, the Intertops spokesperson had this to say:

“We remain proud of our unique place in gambling history. Gambling in one form or another had been around for millennia, yet Intertops brought it into the digital world in January 1996 thanks to our foresight and pioneering spirit, which remains the same today…

In the years since that historic day, we have striven to stay at the head of the gambling sector, offering entertainment to millions of players each year through our comprehensive Sportsbook, Poker, and Casino platforms.”

“We will always be the first, but the introduction of our new Sportsbook will also ensure that we remain the best…

After all the years of success in the past, we remain committed to the future and providing players with the game they love to play… here’s to 25 more years of fun in a safe gaming environment, Intertops spokesperson added.”

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