How to Win At Casino Gambling Using The Law of Attraction

How to Win At Casino Gambling Using “The Law of Attraction”

The understanding of how metaphysics relates to casino gaming is not something new. Those who have a good grasp of these concepts can benefit from its’ principles, while those who ignore them are subject to the whims of “chance”. We’ll discuss a few items here, that can give you a decided advantage when it comes to utilizing universal laws as they pertain to casino gaming.

The main thing to remember, here, is that these are not some vague, esoteric ideas with little basis in reality. These are practical proven laws that show a consistent result for each action made. When you get right down to it, what good is a “law”, if it can’t be proven consistently? Everything that you’ll read here can be used time and again – with results that may, at first, surprise you with their reliability.

There are quite a few universal laws, but the one we’ll focus on, today, is “The Law of Attraction”. In its’ most simple form, “The Law of Attraction” states: the things that you choose to focus on, will appear in your reality. Most people believe this, in one form or another (the concept of positive thinking, etc.). But it’s usually only believed on a superficial level. Here, we’ll go a little deeper and see how this really affects you. Ready?

How to Win At Casino Gambling Using The Law of Attraction

Items Needed: The willingness to look at things a little differently.

Step 1: The Jackpot Jar

Accessing energy is vital to moving in a positive direction in any endeavor. Here, I’ll point out an interesting tool you can use to attract more of this energy. When we talk about “positive” vs. “negative” energy in gambling, you can look at it this way. If you play with cash that you cannot afford to lose (rent money, etc.), your stress level will create negative energy. Don’t do this! The fear of losing will attract that very prospect to you.

Here’s that tool to help you attract some positive energy. I call it “The Jackpot Jar”. When you have a few quiet moments, create a jar, with large colorful lettering that says “JACKPOT”. Use fluorescent greens and blues – stay away from red. Put the jar in an easy to see location and throw in your spare change and a few extra bucks, each week.

When you have accumulated the amount that you desire to bring to the casino, you will have taken the first step towards a positively energized casino experience. Try it and see for yourself.


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