How to Beat The Slots in Las Vegas

How to Beat The Slots in Las Vegas

Would you like to know how to beat the slots in Las Vegas? Slot machines have a universal appeal to everyone because unlike other casino games, one can play them using one’s own personalized skills. Most of the games in casinos are easily quantifiable for odds i.e. one can beat them by applying some math and logic, however winning over slot machines is extremely complicated and tricky. Las Vegas is known to be the capital of casinos and gambling and if one is in Vegas, one must know the right strategy to beat the slot machines and methods to mint lots of money. Thus in order to help you out, we are here with the best tips on how to beat the slots in Las Vegas

Vegas and other casinos: Know how to play first

There are a number of slot machines that land based casinos in Vegas and other places offer but before making a winning strategy, one must be cognizant with the working of a slot machine. Until and unless you are aware of the exact functionality of various slot machines such as straight slots, Multiplier, progressive slots and buy-a-pay slot etc., one can’t really think of beating the same.
Begin with reel slot

If you are new to the world of  Slots of Vegas  or have just landed in a Vegas casino then, we recommend you to start gambling with slot machines having 3-4 reels that usually have single pay line and low jackpots. These slots are recommended for the beginners because they offer frequent payouts and have less winning odds.

Pick a loose payout slot

This one is the most obvious tip that we can offer to all the Vegas visitors. A slot machine having a high payout will never pay you enough money because it gets drained after 2 or 3 attempts. However when one chooses a looser payout, there are 90% chances that it’ll yield a jackpot very soon. So, set your eye on the losing payout slot in Vegas casino and try your luck on it.

Try out progressive slots for winning more

If you’ve landed in a Vegas casino and desire to make millions overnight through gambling then, you must try out progressive slot machines for sure. In this machine, the slots keep increasing along with the jackpot amount each time an additional coin is put. So, the most important tip for beating this slot is to bet most number of coins on a single spin in one go.

Buy-a-pay slot requires caution

These slots act like ‘money thieves’ in the Vegas casinos because most of the players are unaware of their working and combinations. Thus, it is really important for a gambler to understand how this slot machine actually works before he could enhance his win. The most interesting feature of this slot is that it could be played with one or two coins but one can’t win a jackpot by betting mere one or two coins. So, if winning a jackpot is your real aim then, play this slot with maximum number of coins only. If you are still confused about its working, we advise you to go through the help button given on the slot machine itself at least once before starting the game.

How to Beat The Slots in Las Vegas



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