Good Girl Bad Girl Video Slot

Good Girl Bad Girl Video Slot

BetSoft Gaming Good Girl Bad Girl Video Slot is a 5-Reel 15 Multi-Payline Video Slot Game with several features. The game interface is easy to navigate and the reels spin very smoothly. A nice added feature to the game interface in general is that players can opt to skip some of the animations that occur from a victory spin. For myself, as a tournament player there are many times I have not walked away with a first place win because of the time element involved.

For example, when you win a Free Spin Bonus Round in the game, and each spin awards payouts from 10 or so different winning combinations and before the next spin will occur, the game takes you through each winning combination!Good Girl Bad Girl Video Slot

Therefore, 10 or 15 Free Spins can take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes even longer! In a tournament down to the last 5 minutes or less to go that time element is a HUGE difference in whether you win or lose! If a player has the ability to opt out of these animations, I dare say the boost in winning would increase greatly!

Good Girl  Bad Girl video slot allows you to control the way you play by allowing you to choose your game mode

The “Good” mode is a low-risk gameplay mode that pays Left to Right. Winning combinations occur more frequently, however pay less, while the “Bad” mode is a higher-risk gameplay that winning combinations occur with less frequency, but the payouts are considerably higher! Pays are Right to Left in “Bad” mode.

Both ways requires 2X standard wager increase for each spin, however this mode pays both ways; Right to Left, and Left to Right, and you also get to choose “Good” or “Bad” modes to play the bonus features that trigger during normal gameplay.

The Good Girl and Bad Girl are the highest paid symbols in the game, of equal value for payouts. There is a Good Cat, a Bad Cat, and the standard card symbols of A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Bonus Round symbols include a Money Wheel symbol; get 3 or more anywhere on the reels to trigger the Money Wheel Spin Bonus Round, where players get one chance to spin the wheel and Win More Cash! The Halo symbol and the Pitchfork Symbol are both Wild, and substitute for any other regular game symbol.

The Halo symbol and the Pitchfork symbol are Special Wilds when they land on the reels, not only substituting other regular game symbols; they also transform into multipliers capable of the Expanding Feature, where they will stack on the reels to boost your win! The transformations of these symbols reveal the hidden multiplier beneath, also boosting wins!

The Halo multipliers are 1X and 2X, and the Pitchfork multipliers are 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X! Halo symbols appear on Reels 1, 2, and 3 only, and the Pitchfork symbols appear on Reels 3, 4, and 5 only! During their respective transformations, the Halo symbol turns into a Blue colored Wild symbol, and the Pitchfork turns into a Red colored Wild symbol.

When a Halo symbol and a Pitchfork symbol land on the Reels side by side, a Special “Click Me” Bonus Round triggers, and this feature plays differently depending on the game mode you are playing.

The “Good Variant Click Me” feature presents you with four wrapped gifts containing different bonus values; Small, Medium, Big, and Collect.
To help you choose there is a slight hint of two glowing gifts and two non-glowing gifts shown. The glowing gifts in the “Good Variant” contain either the Small or the Medium bonuses, while the non-glowing gifts contain the Big bonus or the Collect.

The “Bad Variant Click Me” feature presents you with four wrapped gifts containing bonuses of the same value, with the slight difference in value of the glowing gifts versus the non-glowing gifts. The two glowing gifts contain either the Big bonus, or Collect, while the non-glowing gifts contain either the Small or the Medium bonuses.

The Money Wheel bonus symbol represents the Money Wheel Spin Bonus Round; three landing anywhere on the Reels triggers this feature! The Money Wheel Spin Bonus Round is played in “Good” mode, or “Bad” mode, however if you are playing in the “Both Ways” mode, you will have the option to choose which mode to play the bonus rounds in, each time they trigger.

This game also has a “Double Up” Bonus Feature that triggers each time you have a standard winning combination. If you click this “Double up” button when it is active you enter the “Double Up” Bonus Round, where you fly up into the skies and play a coin toss game where you will choose either good or bad for the coin toss outcome. Choose correctly and your winning payout doubles! Guess wrong and you lose your winning payout for that spin!

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betsoft gaming good girl bad girl video slot Good Girl Bad Girl Video Slot

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