Gladiator Games Video Slot $39 Free No Deposit Required

Gladiator Games Video Slot

Gladiator Games Video Slot is a 5 Reel and 30 Payline non-progressive Slot Game at . Playing this slot game will require strategy to increase your winning potential to a great extent. I recommend that you play this game in demo mode first , before you drop your money into it. However, when you have practiced a few rounds, you will surely want to play for real money because the wins are very lucrative.

When you think of online casino games that are based on the gladiators theme, you think of impressive graphics and an intriguing story line. That is exactly what the Gladiator Games Video Slot offers you. The game is very well designed with excellent graphics.

Gladiator Games Video Slot ReviewWith unique bonus features and a good number of opportunities to win some money, there is no reason why you shouldn’t love Gladiator Games Video Slot.

Gladiator Games Video Slot remains true to its gaming elements. No feature of this game goes undisturbed as it is a very popular theme. Each stone, each symbol and all bonus features remain true to the Gladiators of Rome, while at the same time making the slot as user friendly as possible.

The Colosseum duels and the cash rewards are not to be missed. Quite fittingly, the Gladiators must first collect all their armor to trigger the Gladiator duels and to enter the Colosseum. To trigger the duel you will need to collect a helmet, armor, a shield and a sword. When the feature is triggered, you are transported to a stunning arena with cheering spectators. Now is the time to choose your tactics carefully as it will influence your audience and the outcome of the duel.

As soon as you are ready the duel can begin. If you succeed to win using your expert maneuvers and precise blocks you will walk away with the trophy chest and your head held high. If you don’t succeed have no fear, the Gladiator Games will continue.

The aforementioned features clearly show that Gladiator Games is one of the premium online slot machine games. Make sure that you register and try it out, it is a fabulous, eye catching, history making game.


The Scatter Coin Symbol increases the amount of money in the Trophy Chest. You can win the amount in the Trophy Chest from the Gladiator Duel in the Arena. If you lose the duel the amount in the Trophy Chest resets to zero. The Scatter Coin Symbol appears on Reel 5 only.

Prepare for Gladiator for duel by collecting armor. You will need a Helmet, Armor, a Shield, and a Sword. When you have collected all these things the Gladiator Duel will begin. The Armor Scatter Symbols you need to collect appear on Reel 5 only.

Choosing Your Tactics

To win a duel you want to choose the best tactics for your Gladiator

Selecting Combat Precision will improve your Gladiator’s attacking effectiveness, and your opponent will hardly be able to defend himself against the sword.

Selecting Charisma Reward will have your Gladiator amazing the spectators with his hat tricks, finesse, and speed; thus increasing the special Charisma Rewards you will collect. The Charisma Reward is specific for this tactic only and is added to your total wins from the duel.

Increased shield strength improves your defensive ability, which is important while you fend off your opponent’s attacks, thus giving you more chances and time to counter attack.

Arena 1: Apollo, Arena 2: Fortuna, and Arena 3: Neptune.

Gladiator Duels take place in 3 arenas. The general conditions for the duels are exactly the same. Circular Arena and Sandy Surfaces. It is the spectators that are all different depending on the Arena. If you select the Charisma Reward for your tactic it is very difficult to please the Apollo spectators, but the Neptune spectators are very generous, therefore your rewards are much greater in that Arena.

In each duel the combat maneuver must be determined. Press the FIGHT button to stop the shuffle and learn if your Gladiator is going to defend himself or attack in each round.

Attack Order

If both Gladiators attack at the same time, the Attack Order Wheel will determine which Gladiator attacks first.

Maneuver Types

There are many different types of attack and defense moves your Gladiator can perform. Some are more powerful and accurate than others and thus will help you defeat your opponent faster.

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