What’s your Gambling Superstitions

Gambling Superstitions  Gambling Superstitions

From blowing on the dice, wearing lucky socks or underwear, to carrying lucky charms, and tapping on a button of a slot machine between each pull of the handle gamblers are a breed all their own when it comes to Gambling Superstitions.

A gambler lays a bet on a horse and the ticket person makes a mistake taking the bet and calls the wrong horse to win.

Instead of telling the ticket person about the mistake, most gamblers would take it as a sign and keep the mistaken ticket.

Some common gambling superstitions involve:

Charms: Many gamblers will carry a prized lucky

Clothing: There are colors that some gamblers feel lucky wearing, or a particular piece of clothing; underwear, socks, shirt, hats just to name a few of the most common

Numbers: Most of us know the superstition of the number 13TH a bad luck number, and then there is the superstition about the number a good luck number. Those being the most widely known numbers involved with superstition, many gamblers have personal lucky numbers they will choose playing roulette, playing Keno, or picking lottery numbers some of these numbers may be a birthdate of one’s self or a close family member, a wedding anniversary, or if the marriage went bad…the date of the final divorce decree.

My lucky numbers are 3, 8, and because 3 is the number of the Trinity, 8 is the number of Infinity (if you lay it sideways), and 11 is the sum of the two numbers: 3 + 8 = 11.

Lady Luck: Many gamblers at a table will have a lady standing next to them while they throw the dice, but not before she blows on the dice for Good Luck this is Lady Luck.

More Gambling Superstitions

Rituals: Rituals vary like anything else in superstition from tapping something on a slot machine a specific number of times (maybe a lucky number), to not crossing their legs, holding their breath, chanting a verse, humming a tune, naming just a few of the more common gambling rituals.

$50 bills: A common superstition among many gamblers is that a $50 bill is bad luck so widely believed that it is common in many brick and mortar casinos not to use the $50 dollar bill. It is said the reason for this is that back in the day when mobsters had a person offed they would put a $50 dollar bill somewhere on the body before dumping it out in the desert.

Personally, I am not a superstitious person regarding anything except when it comes to gambling I do not play card or tables games when I gamble; I love to play the slots! I have observed my own habits and my gambling superstitions go something like this:

I will not interrupt a streak by changing coin or bet size, or stop playing the game.

Play specific games I have won on before

Let my money “sit” in the casino account for a minimum of 30 minutes before I begin to play because no one will think I am anxious to win if I do not begin playing immediately…

Think about a win, or winning combination and it will appear

It is what it is plain and simple! Life is a game of chance, so take it! May the odds always be in your favor!

Gambling Superstitions

  1. g4gaylalynch says

    I know…I am not superstitious any other time except gambling! I have a neighbor friend (the 89 year old lady) that swears she is not superstitious, but I disagree…I have played Bingo with her!

  2. bonus boss says


    I didn’t really think I was ever superstitious about anything. but, now that I read article I do have a superstition. LOL I believe the more I swear at the slot machine when it’s taking all my money, it’s more likely to prove me wrong and give me a big hit!

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