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Close or apart…online bingo is indeed the most enthralling way to celebrate your bond with your family and friends. And Bingo Flash puts forth the most splendid 75-ball bingo version online.
The best thing about 75 ball bingo is the hot and trendy range of vibrant bingo patterns and believe us Bingo Flash follows the trend thus maintaining the originality of the game as well. We bring to you everything from standard bingo lines and the full houses to the trendy cruise ship patterns and more.

And furthermore, you’ll be surprised to see the various facets and colors of 75-ball bingo game as you step in every bingo room on Bingo Flash.
Green Room
Green Room is a Quarters Room on Bingo Flash where you can purchase a bingo card for 25¢. Green is the color of growth and that’s what happens in our lush green bingo room when the progressive jackpots grow second by second. So, buzz into the Green Room to get connected with your friends through chat and spend some quarters for the potential rewards along with a guaranteed untrammeled magic all through.
Purple Room
Game for some free fun? Then visit our Purple Bingo Room where you have the privilege of playing bingo games for free. Do nothing but just select your lucky bingo cards and BINGO to scoop up some free money!
USA Room
Like to see the true colors of America? Then head for our USA Bingo Room on Bingo Flash where chats bring the world together and bets are random ranging from 5¢ to $1.00. Embellished with the colors of blue, red and white our USA bingo room represents the true spirit of this American bingo style with a chance to burst grand pots of rewards!

So, put on your bingo wings and flutter from one bingo room to another exploring the most virtual bingo thrill online!! Free $20 No Deposit Required

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