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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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The Flintstones Slots Machine

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The Flintstones Slots Machine


Graphics - 86%
Gameplay - 81%
Bonuses - 85%
Value - 84%
Game Information
NameThe Flintstones Slots Machine
Game TypeVideo slot
Progressive Yes

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93% Rating

The Flintstones Slots Machine

The Flintstones is an animated cartoon favorite. For many of us, it brings back memories of Saturday mornings spent circled around the TV waiting for mom and dad to wake up. As we are all aware, Fred Flintstone is the main character in the series, and the audience follows along as he and his best friend Barney Rubble get into mischief and drive their wives, Wilma and Betty, bonkers. While the series ran from 1960 to 1966, the show achieved cult status as countless spin-off shows, movies, and live action films were created in its honor.
Lucky for gamers, The Flintstones is now a slot machine! This latest game offers two main screens—one lower on the screen where the main reels enjoy action and one above where the bonus features reside. There are five reels with four symbols visible on each. Gamers can choose the coin size and add an additional twenty credits to gain access to extra features, which is highly recommended. You can play for countless coin values and win lines as is a part of the vast majority of WMS slots.

The Slot Machine Game Features

There are countless features on this game. Let’s take a look at a few.

Bedrock Bowling

Choose one of several bowling balls, each with their own multiplier. Next, choose the character to bowl for you (Fred and Barney among them). An animation appears as you bowl, and if you get a strike you’ll win the multiplier it offers.

Yabba Dabba Doo

You can gain a series of wild extras with this round. During this round, the size of the slot expands, giving each reel the first six symbols and then eight symbols as the wilds grow. The reels eventually stop, and in your best interests, hopefully win all the wilds offered.

Bamm Bamm

Once again, the Bamm Bamm feature allows you to gain wilds as Bamm Bamm whacks the slot with her club. While not as may wilds are offered in the Bamm Bamm feature as are in the Yabba Dabba Doo feature, the reels do not expand giving you more chances to win.

Three other features exist including a Pebbles Beauty contest, Dino feature, and a wheel of fortune style wheel that offers multiplier values with the two largest saved for the segments of the game that include Fred and Barney. If you land on one of them, you’ll enjoy a huge win.

The Flintstones Slots Machine Conclusion

There was quite of pressure on WMS to duplicate and be successful with the Flintstone video slot, as it is a cherished show. Fortunately, the game has been a success with a variety of features and tons of options to win. Add in a good sense of humor and vibrant colors, and we’d say it was a job well done for WMS.

The Flintstones Slots Machine

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