Fap CEO Game Review

Fap CEO game review


Fap CEO Review

They say mixing business and pleasure is a big no if you are looking to build a business empire.

Is this true? Well, definitely no according to Boombox Games and Nutaku.

Following the release of the FapCEO game on the Nutaku platform by Boombox Games, we now realize that it’s quite possible to mix business and pleasure and at the same time build a massive business empire.

How is this possible many are already asking? Well, to know more, let’s get into the finer details.

Fap CEO game








Game Overview

Fap CEO is a clicker game meaning that with just the use of one hand, the player can enjoy all the action
offered by the game from becoming a media mogul running a video chat empire to enjoying erotic
encounters with different ladies.

The objective when playing Fap CEO as can be deduced from the above is to create a business empire by employing different strategies chief among them hiring ‘workaholic’ female staff.

How to play the game

The first action when playing the game will see the player make an entrance into his office.
Unfortunately, at this moment, all the office desks are manned by empty chairs hence the player’s first
the task is to hire a team to help him build the empire.

Click HERE to play Fap CEO

The first person you will need on your side is, of course, your secretary. As such, to fill the vacant secretary position, the player simply needs to click on the empty chair on the secretary desk. Once done, Amber, a stunning lady will become your secretary.

With a lot of your plate as you try to mobilize resources to build an empire, Amber will help take away
your mind from the business side of things by sending you an email containing her nude picture.

The picture will help you relax and afterward, you can proceed to start your first hiring exercise.
Hiring is a fun exercise as the ladies you bring on board will help the business empire grow while at the
same time offers you some pleasure in the form of erotic mail messages and physical encounters. Be
wary though that some ladies like Chloe are shy and a little nervous hence they can derail your
company’s progression so hire with caution.

Once the business has grown, you can sell it for shares and build an even bigger business empire.
How to speed up things a bit

Fap CEO is a game that players can play for free albeit slowly. To fast forward the action in the game,
players may have to unlock special crates by purchasing, for instance, the Start Pack.

The Starter Pack gives the player goodies worth 2500 coins such as 15 keys, three 1-hour time boosts, a 2x multiplier and 50 gems. These goodies can be traded for golden dildos, vibrating rings and orgasm journals that power up the girls and in turn the company!


Fap CEO is another great addition to the exclusive portfolio of hentai games at Nutaku. Players who are
fond of hentai games will definitely find Fap CEO appealing. It’s important to know that more immersive
images come as the company progresses, hence the more women you hire; the more you stand to benefit both on the business front and on the pleasure front. The game can be played both on mobile
and on the desktop.

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