Event Horizon Slots Review


Event Horizon is a video slot game with a whopping 243 ways to win when you are playing it. Originally running on the Betsoft software it was released in April of 2015 and has since been building up a lot of traction in the world of slots.

The name event horizon is a term that has been taken from the world of space and physics – the event horizon is a point in a black hole from which nothing can return. This leads to the games slogan of “It is said that nothing can escape an event horizon – not even light”. No surprisingly the overall theme of the game is space. This provides the interface with a very modern feel with some futuristic items such as the shiny spherical wild symbol.

As a slots games, Event Horizon slots is a 5 real game with 243 pay lines that offers players around a 96.6% return on their money, making the game somewhat volatile. The minimum bet with Event Horizon is 0.02 credits. The value of the coins be adjusted as per the players in question up to a max value of 5 credits.
The overall selling point for Event Horizon slots is the great sound and graphics on offer from within the game. The players have the choice of adjusting the sound settings as well as the settings for the graphics and overall general settings too.

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The symbols used within the game are 3D and feature such things as traditional cherries, bars, red 7s and other commonly used items in slots games. However the space and cosmic theme is kept throughout the game and unsurprisingly the black hole features prominently as one of the symbols from within the game.
For those of you on the search for a progressive jackpot slots game then Event Horizon is not the game for you as it does not offer any progressive features at all and only offers a simple fixed jackpot to the players.

Overall, Event Horizon slots is a great slots game with many features that we have become used to seeing in slots games all over the world today. However, Event Horizon does provide some very modern and stylish graphics to keep all the players happy. If you are a hard core, seasoned slots veteran then Event Horizon may look like something you have seen before, not really offering you anything new. However, for those of you just starting off in the slots world, Event Horizon slots could be a great place to start.

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