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Wednesday, 25 April 2018
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Dragon Princess Video Slot Review

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Dragon Princess Video Slot

Another exciting new video slot has been added to the proprietary suite of games at Bovada Casino, called Dragon Princess Video Slot Like most new games at Bovada, the design is colorful and beautiful, and this game has several intriguing bonuses, as well as the potential to pay out very nicely, as most do!

Dragon Princess Video Slot is an Asian themed slot, based on the dragon, which is also the featured character in many of Bovada’s games, including the beautiful and mystical  “Dragons,” and the adorable “Tea Cup Dragons.”  Even though the games all feature dragons, they are so different from one another and each has it’s own set of features and bonuses to separate it from the others.

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Dragon Princess Video Slot has a wild symbol, representing the dragon, and this symbol pays the highest amount.  The Dragon Princess symbol pays second highest.  Other symbols include the free spin bonus scatter, which is a beautiful, sparkling green gemstone which must appear three or more times in order to trigger ten free spins.

Dragon Princess is a 25 line video slot game with a minimum bet of $.25, and a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin, which I would love to have the luxury of being able to try for even just a few spins.  I can only imagine what the payout would be, and I wonder if anyone really ever wins on $125.00 a spin?  According to random number generation, however, it’s entirely possible.  How exciting that would be.  In any case, the bonus has proven to be “hard to get” while playing this game.  I hit it once on a quarter, and won almost $40.00 on a free spin, but when I hit it on fifty cents I only got about $3.00, and this happened twice.  It’s a pretty game to play, with a blue sky and pink flowery trees in the background that move from side to side as if they are being wind blown.  Very artistic, and typical of the high quality graphics that Bovada offers in their proprietary selection of games.

As mentioned, the Dragon Princess video slot has a bonus round that is triggered by three or more green gemstone scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the paylines. The bonus is ten spins with a multiplier of two times the bet.  During each free spin, however, wins can be multiplied on a random basis by up to 5 times the about of the bet. In addition, free spins can be retriggered, but that’s not all.  During regular play, and during free spins, the “Dragon Wilds” feature can be triggered.  This causes all scatters to turn into wilds.  The “Dragon Wilds” feature can retrigger up to three times, each time adding as many as three wilds which can add up to a screen full of wilds and a really big win!  As if this is not enough, there is another feature that can be triggered during regular play and free spins, called the “Pearl Pick” feature.  Three pearls appear and one must be selected to reveal the prize.

My usual bet on “Dragon Princess” is anywhere from a quarter, to $2.50 per spin, which is usually what I bet when I am trying to meet a play through requirement.  Like all games at Bovada Casino, Dragon Princess Video Slot has a random jackpot, and that just adds to the excitement for me, because I hit a random jackpot once at Bovada, and I know it can happen again! It can happen for you, too, and I hope it does!

To the best of my knowledge, “Dragon Princess” is only available at Bovada RTG Casino. Although Bovada is an RTG casino, they have a group of their own proprietary games that are unique, and quite a few steps above the usual RTG slot games.  The best part is that Bovada rolls out new games every few weeks and recently added 30 new 3D games to add to the great selection they already offer players.  As a resident of the United States, the games at Bovada are the closest thing to microgaming that I have been able to find, and I have to say that Bovada is my favorite casino.

The audio on the new games is getting better, but I still mute the sound.  Although I used to enjoy the sound of microgaming, I find other software audio to be more annoying than entertaining.  Hopefully this will change, and the audio will improve, especially on the standard RTG games.

Although this review is based on my opinion only, and every player should take care to read terms and conditions before they play at any casino, it is my recommendation that you play  “Dragon Princess” during your next visit to Bovada Casino.  Good luck!



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