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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Dina Lohan on the Today Show

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Dina Lohan will once again reprise her role as “mother in denial” on the Today Show. After Matt Lauer publicly skewered the self-prclaimed “momager” back in August, when Dina openly lied to Lauer about how many times Lindsay has been in rehab. Lauer then went on to list the four clinics Lohan has been to. Bam. Now, Dina has accepted another round in the ring with Lauer and will appear on Today on Monday morning, presumably to brag about Lindsay’s progress.

Reportedly, Lauer called Dina himself to invite her onto the show.

During her last scuffle with Lauer, after listing the four rehabs (not two, Dina) that Lindsay had stayed at, Lauer told Dina, “That’s a lot of times to be in and out without some sort of success.”

“What do you mean by ‘success'”? Dina asked.

Ha. Well how about not getting arrested? And how about not writing “Fuck You” on her fingernails during her hearing?

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