Cubee is an Innovative Online Slot Game

Cubee Slot Game

Cubee is furry and lovable, but also brave and ready or an adventure of a lifetime, or multiple lifetimes.

I really like playing this game. it’s a different experience every time I play it. Cubee the main Charter is a Cudlee creature, Cubee is happy, furry, and loveable. orange colored and a square shape Charter he reminds me of Spongebob square pants.

Cubee is an innovative slot game which comes from the Real Time Gaming (RTG) stable. You may be wondering why they termed Cubee an innovative slot. Well for starters, Cubee is one of the very first slot games to incorporate the gamification feature. Which is that there are progression levels when playing this online slot. Depending on your skill level and how well you play in one level, you will advance to the next level which will be a bit more complex but also more lucrative! Interesting isn’t it. Well, there is more.

In addition to the above, Cubee slot also does not have any paylines, bet lines, ways to win or whatever you may like to call them. In essence, this, therefore, means that there are infinite ‘paylines’ hence winning combinations can originate from anywhere! Not to saturate you with much info in the introduction, let’s look at the other key features of the game in detail below.

Game Graphics

The graphics in this online slot are nothing short of phenomenal. In the background, players will see a cave-like structure and it is inside this cave that all the action takes place.

Game Symbols

• Special Symbols: Cubee slot does not have any special symbols meaning that players will not find any wilds or scatters.
• Common Symbols: As there are no special symbols in this online slot machine, it, therefore, means that all the symbols that players will encounter are common symbols and these include Spike, Lucifer, Casper, Bones, Energy Ball, and the red cubee also known as Rocco, the arch enemy.

Game Features

• Progression Levels: As briefly alluded to before, Cubee slot incorporates the gamification feature thus it allows players to progress from one stage to the next. In all, there are four levels in this online slot that the player can enter. The first stage is the Stone Age. It is in the Stone Age level where players start their adventure. like all the other subsequent stages, the aim and objective for the player are to club, bash and slice the arch enemy i.e. Rocco (players ought to know that the task gets more complicated as they rise up the levels). The next level is the Era of Piracy where players stand to win free games if they succeed. Afterward comes the Viking Age where players can accumulate multipliers if they succeed. The last stage is Cubeeland. Here, players can win both free games as well as multipliers.

Payout Information

• Payouts in this online slot are determined by how many Spike, Lucifer, Casper, Bones, Energy Ball icons the player lands at the same time. Landing any three of the same nature awards the player 0.5 credits. any four awards the player 1 credit. any five awards the player 3 credits. any six 5 credits. any seven awards 15 credits. any eight awards the player 40 credits.

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The cubee slot is a highly innovative slot game which all players should try out. The beauty of this slot is that it is mobile compatible hence it can be accessed and played on mobile devices.

Cubee slot game


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