Choosing The Best Online Casino

Choosing the best online casino does not have to be a gamble before you even start playing the games! Your games of chance should only have to be played once inside the casino as a member and that is where it should stay!

The topic for this article is Choosing The Best Online Casino and to know how to distinguish which online casinos are trustworthy and which ones are not. You will find valuable information in this article to help you find a good online casino to play at…

Below we have some pretty good advice on how to stay as safe as possible while dealing with online casinos… Please continue reading to learn more!

Real Chance Events Called Randomness

What keeps online casinos fair and square while you and everyone else wagers on the games they play is to turn out natural game results with no influence or control on the outcomes… this is called randomness.

Because everything these days, even in brick and mortar land-based casinos, is digitally done through computer programming, and not analog with gears, springs, levers, and stops like it was many many years ago, there is a computer program designed to mimic real chance events… in both online and land based casino games. This computer program is called a Random Number Generator (RNG), and is audited and constantly monitored by third party entities that do not tolerate any mischief when it comes to abiding by the rules in fair gaming!

When Choosing The Best Online Casino make sure to read the information provided to you on the official website of any online casino you are considering joining and make sure they are licensed….read the terms and conditions for everything…especially bonuses you make opt in on.

Below is a list of casino software providers that have excellent history of great RNG related games…they payout well and often.

Additionally, these software providers require a great deal of experience from all the casino operators who will be using their software, and do background checks on all casino operators requesting to use their product before they will even allow their product to be represented in the casinos!

Choosing The Best Online Casino

Therefore any casino powered by the software providers below you can rest assured they are the most trustworthy online operators you will ever hope to find… hands down!

1)  Microgaming

2)  Playtech

3)   (Name will soon be changed to GTECH)

4)  Betonsoft US Friendly!

5)   Real Time Gaming  RTG US Friendly!

6)    Rival Casinos    US Friendly!

7) netent Casinos

8)   US Friendly!

When it comes to your personal information safety and security… it is best, in fact, to remain anonymous, however most casinos want some information and that is to verify your identity to ensure #1 that you are not underage, and #2 so that you will be using your own finances and not committing an identity theft crime.  Try to limit your personal data footprint.

Instead get yourself an e-wallet account through PayPal. PayPal has a user protection policy and your information is not revealed like it would be using other methods.

Pay Up!

When all is said and done regarding an online casino… no matter how awesome their games are to play… no matter how many bonuses they hand out… no matter what the playthrough requirements are… no matter if the terms and conditions are strict or not… none of it matters at all if the casino doesn’t pay their winners!

Whether or not you get paid your winnings and how fast that you are paid are the two most significant issues regarding any online casino…so do your homework while Choosing The Best Online Casino …read reviews and player comments and you will learn a lot about any online casino out there.

There is one more subtle way you can be scammed and that is in dealing with your cashout at the casinos. There are some casinos who “offer” players who have requested a withdrawal a time frame (usually 24 – 48 hours) to reverse all or any part of the amount of their withdrawal request, to continue playing without making a deposit.

Now, that said…most of these casinos will not allow you to make a deposit while the withdrawal request is in that state of pending…as they claim it is easier to just reverse the withdrawal you re requesting…however in fine print they will also inform you that any amounts that you reverse from your withdrawal request is not considered a real deposit…therefore you will receive no bonuses or loyalty rewards towards those amounts you reverse from your withdrawal…

Now all that said… most of these casinos will not allow manual flushing which is a procedure where you contact customer support and request that this withdrawal you are requesting be eliminated from that “offer” for the ability to be reversed…so the processing time is 24 – 48 hours faster in your pocketbook… as well as removed from the all too tempting availability to reverse all or part of it to wager with…while the casino does not allow you to make a deposit during that time!

Are you getting the idea of the points I am trying to make here? This is a legal way for the casino to scam your winnings right out from under your nose…so proceed with caution in this area…while the casinos will pay you…they want you to reverse all of it if you will and wager it back into the games, so they won’t have to pay you and you are giving them permission not to!

I am not going to sit here writing this article without telling you this… the “House Always Has The Advantage”… and the implication is a simple one to understand… the house has the advantage over you…the guest!

Just because you are playing online in your home does not imply that you are considered the “House”… the casino will take every cent you have over time if you don’t know when to walk away…without batting an eyelash, or for that matter shedding a tear because you spent your money to buy groceries for your kids at their casino, and the money to pay your light bill too! They won’t feel any remorse for your loss…if they did they would be out of business long before you came along! Right? Of course…I am not right, but that is right!

That is the cold, hard, plain, and simple truth…another truth is that as affiliates of online casinos sponsored on this site…we make money when you are introduced and joined as a member at a casino through the sponsored links throughout this site…that has never been a secret…not a lot but there is money to be made for many people from online casinos and not all of it through wagering and playing their games, but through you… the reader!

Many Many thanks to all of you! You didn’t put my kids through college, or buy braces for them… you did; and do; however, help me put food on the table every night, and that is a lot to be thankful for these days!

Another truth is this in conclusion… if you play by the rules laid out in the terms and conditions of any casino we sponsor and you ever have a problem with any of them for any reason… no matter what… we will always do everything possible to help… support you, and speak on your behalf if you request it!  And that my friends, is another truth!

To assist you in Choosing The Best Online Casino we have provided a small list (see above) consisting of software providers we have found from experiences to be the best as far as fair gameplay, randomness, good payouts, nice BIG jackpots, and stringent security, as well as awesome (the Best of the Best) games that promise to curl your toes!

choosing the best online casino

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