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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Chef Ramsey from “Hell’s Kitchen opens steak house on the Las Vegas Strip

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He seemed to make a name for himself on the reality television circuit with his no-nonsense, what-I-say-goes kind of attitude and it seems to be paying off because Chef Gordon Ramsey fromHell’s Kitchen is now opening a steak house on the Las Vegas Strip together with Caesar’s Entertainment, which is set to open in January 2011.

He’s not just a celebrity television star, he’s actually a talented chef who’s earned Michelin stars for his various restaurants in the UK and together his celebrity status in the U.S., he’s made quite a name for himself.

According to the Las Vegas Weekly, he will be taking over the space which currently occupies Les Artistes at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino which will shut down early next year leaving Ramsay plenty of time to prepare for the grand opening of his restaurant in June.

Ramsay will be opening a steakhouse which will have mass appeal and will fit perfectly with the major restructuring of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. According to the Las Vegas Weekly, they are trying to step away from the whole French vibe which is tough to ignore but there will be minor changes involved to help the cause.

Apart from Ramsay’s latest venture, he has been making headlines lately due to his financial troubles which have led to a public family feud with his father-in-law who was once part of Ramsay’s corporation as well as the fact that he has completely over-extended himself with reality television appearances, restaurant openings, family troubles, you name it and is in turn hurting his restaurants.

Now that his father-in-law is out of his business dealings and not pocketing anymore cash, this restaurant venture at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas may just be the fresh start he needs to get back on track.

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