Casino Magic Is Very Real If You Play At The Right Casino

Casino Magic Is Very Real If You Play At The Right Casino

Have you ever been to a casino without realizing how long you have been there? Trust me, you are not alone! That is part of what I call Casino Magic…The magic of the casino took you in and you didn’t realize until it is 8 o’clock in the morning the next day, and you become aware that you have not only wagered the night away, you have been inside the casino for 12 hours without knowing it.

The Time Paradigm of The Brick & Mortar Casino This is an interesting phenomenon that has a simple solution, and that is the fact that there are no clocks visible to players on the floor of the casino. If you didn’t bring something in with you to tell you what time it is, there is no way for you to know. The simple fact of the matter is that the casinos do not want you to know how long you have been there… and they do everything they can to keep it that way in order to keep you playing their games.

Daytime Or Nighttime Doesn’t Matter Another way they do this is by not having windows to the outside environment, and because all these casinos have wonderful lighting you are likely not to notice this; aside from the fact that in almost every case, not one person came inside the casino to look out a window. The effect this has on most people on the casino floor is that they will not be able to tell if it is night or if it is day, or how much time has passed while they are inside. Another reason for having no windows is to minimize distractions, leaving you with the games… all night long and completely unaware.


The Enigma of The Land-Based Casino Exit Another thing is how easy a person can get lost inside the casino… searching for the restroom for instance, or simply looking for the exit to the outside. There are not very many visible signs pointing to the exit, because the casinos do not want you to leave. Along the way, you will also notice there are games everywhere to keep you entertained during your endless search for the outside world.  Let me tell you something that happened to me one night in a land-based casino… I was playing towards the back end of the casino, in an area where there wasn’t a lot of walkthrough traffic. The eyes upstairs on the second floor are always watching everything taking place on the casino floor, and of course, there are other employees of the casino strolling by occasionally.


Well, I went with my husband but he went his way and I went mine when we entered, so I just enjoyed playing in comfortable silence and then enjoyed the excitement of winning…not huge, but big! This was on a machine that still dropped coins into a trough below, making an enormous thrilling racket as they hit the metal trough. The coins from my win filled the trough entirely, in addition to almost 3 plastic buckets full! I pushed the help button which starts a flashing red strobe light on the very top of the machine… on top so as to be visible from the height of which an average person stands. I needed help carrying my coins to the cashier, and I most certainly was not about to walk away leaving my coins unguarded there for anyone to walk by and help themselves. So as I sat there with my red strobe light flashing, I continued to play on the machine… and then even on the one next to me as well.

What happened next doesn’t happen often (at least not to me) but I hit the exact win on that machine! So now I am sitting there with 6 full buckets of coins, and two slot machine troughs completely filled with coins; quarters by the way for any of you curious about that… and now I also had two red strobe lights flashing like crazy which is known to any employee as the sign for a request for help, yet no one ever came to help…ever!


My husband did eventually (about an hour later) make his way to where I was still sitting playing two machines as I waited and one of us sat guarding the coins while the other went to get the help that should have been there long before. I realized when the shock and excitement of winning wore off a little, that no one came to help me because they wanted me to sit there for as long as it would take to put all my winnings back into the slot machines!


Despite the casino’s efforts that night, I was able to ply for a few more hours and leave later that same day with $500 in my pocket… which is $400 more than I walked in with! Casino Magic was real for me that day! So next time any of you go to a land-based casino to enjoy the magic… try not to forget that it is all an illusion to get you to spend as much time and money as possible in their casino… playing their games. Nothing gets their goat more than for you to win a nice jackpot, cash out, and walk away!  You should note that online casinos do business in a much more competitive environment than land-based casinos, therefore they have the same agenda to keep you playing their games, only stronger. So make sure you stay focused while dealing with them and I cannot stress enough the importance of reading the terms and conditions for each casino you decide to join, as well as the special terms and conditions that apply to every bonus you choose to accept.


Reverse Withdrawal & Manual Flushing Many online casinos offer a “Reverse Withdrawal” Feature, also known as “Reverse Pending”. This is a period of time following a cashout or withdrawal request by a player where the money is left sitting in a holding area so the player can still access it (reverse it) and play with it. Not all casinos will do this… which in my personal opinion is just fine, as I dislike the “Reverse Withdrawal Feature” very much! On the other side of the coin is the “Manual Flush” that refers to better service that some online casinos offer and it means that if asked, they will move this cashout from the “holding area” so that the player can no longer access it. This is good as at least players have a choice. Which is how it should be. Then you have the casinos that refuse to allow manual flushing, and these casinos are a good idea to avoid if you can help it.


An online casino that allows manual flushing is 32 Red Casino; powered by Microgaming. This doesn’t surprise me … for Microgaming to allow an online casino operator to run their software they must pass rigorous background checks and be completely trustworthy with years of experience in the gambling industry. One sad fact is that Microgaming casinos do not accept players from the United States of America; however, if you are in a jurisdiction where Microgaming accepts players…by all means JOIN! You can trust any of them quite frankly!

I have been lucky enough to win several times at a variety of Microgaming casinos before they stopped accepting US Players and have been quickly paid by all of them. will give you £/$10 Free with No Deposit Required if you sign up using our link below; remember though… you MUST use our link to qualify! Keep in mind that when you when they will allow you to do a manual flush of your winnings, which gets your winnings in your pocket as much as 48 hours faster! Real Casino Magic Still Exists at … Sign Up Today! NO-USA

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