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Slot Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

The first thing you need to consider about slots is whether the slot has 3 reels or 5 reels The basic distinction between the two is whether or not in order to complete a winning combination the game require only 3 matching symbols across one pay line or are there several potential winning combinations across multiple pay lines?

A Factor in favor of the 3 reel slot game is that there are fewer pay lines to cover. The two extra reels mean more pay lines to cover, but on the flip side of the coin, there are more possibilities of winning combinations. Some of the newer games can have as many as 50 pay lines to cover, if not more. Without regular wins while playing this can get costly!

If you are going to play a slot machine with 5 reels, you should always try to play the games that offer bonus rounds. These can be highly lucrative and are fairly inexpensive to play.

Just try to remember that playing slots with a long-term approach in mind is most realistic in terms of winning a nice payout. The odds will shift depending on the games, and conservative line bets will give you longer play time…. What that boils down to is more spins with max pay lines active means more chances to win a massive jackpot!

Blackjack Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

The game of blackjack will give you the best odds of any other game because you are only playing against the dealer.

In this game all you are trying to do is get a better hand than the dealer without going over 21… on that basis alone it is as close to an even casino game as you can get… the house edge is about 1 percent.

There are a few things you need to remember… the dealer gets to shield one of their first two cards (the hole card) and goes after you. This means they always win whenever you go bust (above 21), no matter what hand they have.

To keep it simple, you should never ever take a card with a hand of 17 or more without going over 21. There are approaches that are much more complex… actually close to 7,000 different outcomes considering the mathematical probabilities! That said… just stay at 17 no matter what!

Roulette Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

The biggest mistake by players is to stake on single-number bets. These can be appealing due to their superior payout of 35/1, but it’s highly unlikely they will come in. Frustrated players often spread large sums around just trying to hit a single. The wiser strategy is to hedge your bets with some of these wagers:

?Streets (11/1) – Cover three horizontal numbers
?Corners (8/1) – Cover a square of four numbers
?Baskets (6/1) – Cover numbers 00 to 3
?Lines (5/1) – Cover six numbers from two rows

The most important point to make is that European roulette has just a single zero whereas the more widely played US version has a single zero and a double zero. As a result, the US house edge is 5.26% compared to 2.7% for European roulette. To summarize, your odds of winning are slightly worse in a US game.

That being said, roulette is still great when you’re seeking the easiest online casino games to win. However, you need to place your wagers wisely and know when to walk away, just like the song says! Taking that advice, however, can be harder than winning!

Scratch Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

The most common form of instant games would be scratch games. These can be similar to the classic paper-made scratch cards you can purchase from shops. But with major developments in gaming software, you can now play more advanced versions at casino sites.

When choosing to play a scratch game, you need to consider the possibilities before committing even a penny. Clicking on the button that displays the potential payouts can do this for you. Once looking at the payouts, count how many there are.

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Casino Games That Have The Best Odds




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