Call Of The Modern Day Slot Machine Awakens Nature of the Beast

Call Of The Modern Day Slot Machine

Next time you go to a brick and mortar casino you should really check out the inside design and layout of the building… the hallways to the rooms… the hallways to anywhere in the casino is the network to channel traffic where they want it to go. In my mind, I envision herding cattle, but in a much more luxurious setting!

Look at the colors of the walls, the carpeting patterns and colors, how the tables are set up on the casino floor, the lighting, and even the pictures on the walls. There is a lot to be said about the time involved to design a casino layout, the time, the thought, the psychology… yes, the psychology!

Collectively, every bit of what goes into the design and structure of a brick and mortar casino is specifically engineered to make gambling as seductive as possible… and this art of seduction is all about how to get you to spend as much time and money within the confines of the casino!

For example, the curvature of the walls and especially the hallways in the casino… you are never going to see a 90-degree angle! If you do not already know this then you will find yourself wondering why… could it be because of the smooth relaxing flow of the curve?

Why yes… it is! In fact, this is done on purpose to do just that… but in a different way and for a much more devious reason! The casinos will do everything they can to keep you from having to turn at a 90-degree angle because right-angle turns force people to call on the decision-making portion of the brain… and to stop to get bearings on what you are doing. Well, casinos do not want anyone to wake up that part of the brain… they don’t want you to think about what you are doing… it is their intention to curve you smoothly throughout the building and corral you in the places they need you to be to spend your money!

Well isn’t that what you went there to do? You went to the casino with every intention to spend some money… but to leave with more than you came with is the ultimate goal! Not the other way around… but alas, this is not the case more often than it is the case… but you had fun, right? Do you even remember? Maybe not… because as long as you are in the confines of the casino it is likely the casino has you hypnotized, and in full control of your brain with gambling fever stimuli!

Did you know that slot machines produce about 85% of the casino’s revenues? Not bad for what started out to be a mere distraction for those who don’t play poker or other table games that require a more experienced player. Slot machines are still regarded by many; even those who play them; as the simple arcade device that the little old ladies love to play… but starting in the latter part of the ’90s the evolution of the slot machine evolved into the major money maker for all casinos!

Slot machines are twice as profitable these days for the casino as all the other games combined! That’s quite dramatic, in my opinion. Not to mention that as carefully considered as everything that takes place in a casino is…the slot machine is the most carefully considered piece of equipment in the entire casino… nothing is more carefully engineered that the modern slot machine in a brick and mortar casino! The modern slot machine is designed to hold your attention for as long as possible.

The gambling industry giants know the biggest profits come from getting people to sit comfortably in front of a slot machine and play for hours on end…at a rate of approximately 1200 spins per hour. These gambling industry giants have a name for that model slot machine user, called the “Costco Model” of gambling.

Another common term used by the gambling industry giants is the phrase, “Time on Device.” The term implies exactly what it is intended to… concerning how much time on any given device people will sit mesmerized in front of a slot machine for hours and hours…many have for days on end not even sleeping!

As long as that adrenaline rush streams through your body there really isn’t a need for sleep… a person can last without crashing 2-3 days if properly fed the adrenaline rushes.

Long before the call of the modern day slot machine, in the old days, on the old analog slot machines… you pulled the handle and you either won or you lost… simple as that, and then walked away! The computerized slots have put an end to that… with that very purpose built right into the design… to keep you sitting there in front of it… and not walk away!

All due to the fact that the decision-making portion of your brain has been lulled to sleep by the Call Of The Modern Day Slot Machine! When it sleeps the Nature of the Beast Awakens…




Call Of The Modern Day Slot Machine

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