Booty Farm Adult Gaming Review

Booty Farm allows all adults to be productive as it takes one on a farming adventure

Booty Farm Game Review

Millennials nowadays have penned the term ‘adulting’ which basically entails what being an adult is all about. In short, being an adult means one has to be productive so as to support him/her as well as other

Not only this but being an adult also means that one has to enjoy what life has to offer. It is
with this in mind that Tender Troupe decided to release Booty Farm under Nutaku’s system; a game that simulates adult sex.

Booty Farm allows all adults to be productive as it takes one on a farming adventure deep in rural
Kansas. At the same time, it allows the adults to enjoy what life has to offer by enjoying some hot sex
with sexy farm girls.

Game Graphics

The rural setting is not exactly as lit as the urban setting and it is with this in mind that Tender Troupe in
designing the game decided to employ non-stylish but nonetheless elegant graphics. Tender Troupe saw
it was not fit to use high-end graphics as it opted for detailed narration to accentuate the game’s captivating

This noble decision really did pay some dividends as the narration allows the player (farmer) to
flirt with the sexy girls.

Becoming a Farmer

The journey starts when the player resorts to staying on the farm after being impressed by the lovely
hentai farm girls who narrate to him that their area is starved of men.

Once the decision to settle at the farm has been taken, the player will need to get to work, that is, become productive.

The player needs to produce goods from the crops that he grows and trade them at the market.

In return for the goods, the player stands to receive experience, gold and an increase to the relationship level.
Apart from the crops, the player can also rear animals.

On this front, the player is required to put in place a feed mill first before purchasing animals for rearing. Once everything is in place, the next thing is for the player to choose which animals to purchase and rear.

Some of the products that the player can get include milk, bacon, and eggs. Players ought to know that thanks to the game’s detailed narrations, becoming an expert farmer. playing Booty Farm is by no means difficult.

Reaping the Benefits

Time to Enjoy, The gold that the player receives from trading farm produce at the market does the trick in bringing worldly pleasures to the player. Most notably, the player can use the gold to take some explicit photos
with the lovely farm ladies.

On top of that, the player also has the opportunity to learn more about the farm girls by initiating conversations with them and answering correctly to any question that the ladies may ask.

Even more impressive is the fact that each time the player learns a fact about any farm girl; he
will win a key that opens a chest. Chests come with prizes that allow players to continue playing the
game for free (and others from the same developer), they may offer more gold, and they may enable
the player to upgrade farm items hence make it possible to expand operations on the farm.


Booty Farm is an incredible adult game to play. One piece of advice that we are going to leave for all
players is that to enjoy a smooth gaming experience, you ought to expand your farm especially the
storage area.

The crops grow at a lightning-fast speed and without proper storage; you may be forced to
trade them at low prices when you run out of storage space. On this front, you can use gold to expand
the farm.



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