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Learn The Bingo Basics

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Online Bingo is by far one of the easiest gambling games to play. Just like any other online casino game; you first have to have an account where you want to play, and that’s about the hardest part of playing bingo online!

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Many online casinos offer free online bingo games to try out first with no money at all to play. Once you get the hang of how it’s played, you then can deposit and win real money! If you like the traditional bingo game, you will love online bingo. Read below to learn how to play online bingo!

 How to Play Online Bingo you may ask?

Just as in a traditional bingo hall where you play with multiple players, the same holds true for online bingo, but the difference is you are playing with a number of other virtual players. The main difference in online bingo opposed to the traditional bingo is there are no actual bingo balls floating around. The random number generator is used to select the numbers that are called out.

As each number is chosen, the players are able to see the numbers so that they can cover their bingo card with the numbers chosen. You will also be able to see the winning pattern. The main point of the game is to cover the grid or playing card before anyone else does. Once the pattern has been covered, the first player to do so will win the cash prize.

Online Bingo Functions? Lay friends playing online bingo

When playing online bingo, players have the benefit of additional features that they wouldn’t normally have playing a traditional bingo game.

Auto-daub: This feature when activated automatically marks or “daubs” the number that is called or chosen. This keeps the player from having to keep track of each number called Best Card Sorting – This is where the player’s cards are sorted by the closest bingo.

 Bingo Game Variations?

There are many different variations of online bingo games. If you’re a bingo lover, you won’t have a hard time finding a game to suit your taste! A few of the more popular bingo games are:

90 Ball Bingo – This game has a grid of three lines with five numbers each. There are three prize variations in a single game and when the first is won, the game moves on to the next…they are listed below in respective order of play.

? First player completing one horizontal line of numbers

? Players who complete two horizontal lines of numbers

? First player to complete three horizontal lines of numbers; (Card Blackout)

The top winner is, of course, the player that marks all three lines of numbers!

75 Ball Bingo – Uses a grid of 5×5, with each square containing a number except the center square; the ‘free square’ which is already marked out with the auto-daub feature enabled. There is just one prize in this variation, which is awarded to the first player to daub out a specified pattern on the grid. Each column has a letter of the word BINGO on the top. B in the first column, I in the second column and so on. Specific numbers fall under each letter of the word BINGO:

B – 1-15/ I – 16-30/ N – 31-45/ G – 46-60/ O – 61-75

When the numbers are called out, they are referred to by both the letter and the number. Example B14; G51 etc. The first player to mark or daub the pattern wins!

There are many patterns to bingo, 4-Corners, X Game, Blackout, Straight Line in Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Cross, and Full House, to list just a few of them.

 Bingo Strategies Bingo winner

Of course, playing multiple cards at once will also increase your winning chances. Similarly, try and play online with the least number of players possible, this may increase your chances of winning. You could try playing in a number of different rooms at once while using the auto-daub function. This will help you to avoid missing a possible winning B-I-N-G-O! and receive more game bonuses and cash!

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