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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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American Idol season 11 Las Vegas road trip.

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American Idolcreators keep injecting more and more changes to their Season 10 production which will be full of surprises for fans of the show. Next season, fans should expect what creators of the show call ‘transparency’ which will include Tweeting from contestants, moving the “Top 12” finalists to a swank Hollywood pad and document their every move as well as a fab Las Vegas road trip.

At the moment, the ideas for Idol’s season 11 are just that, ideas, but if they manage to pull it off they will give the show more of a voyeuristic look into the lives of the final 12 contestants. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the plans include to have the final contestants stay in a house in the Hollywood Hills where they will be able to interact with fans via Twitter. There is no confirmation as to whether they will record their activity in the house in a Big Brother sense but it’s definitely in the plans. The problem is that unless post-production editors have amazing editing skills, whatever happens in the house could seriously sway voting and may take away from the contestant’s actual talents.

A second major plan in the works is to take 60 of the contestants on a road trip to Las Vegas and have them work together with the Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles production, Love at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, from there only 40 will return.

Keep in mind that there is also a new panel of judges including Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, so in essence it’s a brand new show which is a good idea since many wondered if the show would survive after Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres made an exit. While they’re still not out of the woods, if they can implement these changes then it would give the show a fresher vibe.

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