A Big winner at CasinoClub € 235,716 was hit at Jackpot Poker!

Only two hours after its introduction, the jackpot of € 235,716 was hit at Jackpot Poker! A Big winner at CasinoClub! Gavin, a twenty-five year old player from England and a member since 2005, just made his dream come true! Only two hours after the introduction of the increased jackpot of €200,000, in the popular video poker game Jackpot Poker, Gavin hit it! Incredible! Gavin only played 55 rounds to hit the wonderful jackpot of € 235,716! By betting the maximum amount at each round, Gavin received the following hand after only 15 minutes: He decided to hold only queen and king, which was a golden decision since the next round resulted in a ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH, and hence in JACKPOT! We added a screen shot of this amazing winning hand he received and the credit of the jackpot amount: CasinoClub congratulates Gavin on this spectacular win and wishes him all the best. A Big winner at CasinoClub € 235,716 was hit at Jackpot Poker!

Check out the winning ScreenShot!


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