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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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Treasure Chamber Video Slot Review

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Treasure Chamber video slot is a game that has been around forever at RTG Casinos everywhere.  Every time I visit an Real Time Gaming casino, “Treasure Chamber” is one of the first video slots that I play.  Out of all the RTG games that are offered, I find that this game is one of my favorite games, and even though it’s rates as a high volatility game, I hit the bonus round frequently.  Maybe I’m just lucky, but I really have a great time playing the “Treasure Chamber” video slot.

The theme of “Treasure Chamber” is based on an Aztec exploration.  The game symbols are a male and female explorer, where the male serves as the wild symbol.  Also featured are Aztec designed animals, and the scatter symbol is a sparkling red rose.  Other symbols are comprised of the usual letter and number combinations that are found in many video slot games.  Unlike every other video slot, however, “Treasure Chamber” has mystery symbols that are covered by a question mark, and reveal themselves after each spin.  This adds a feeling of suspense while playing the game, but makes each spin take a bit longer than most other games.  On the plus side, these symbols can reveal anything from a wild, or any other game symbol, or even a scatter which can help to trigger the bonus round or represent a variety of winning combinations.

“Treasure Chamber” is a 20 line video slot game with a minimum bet of $.20, and a maximum bet of $100.00 per spin. My usual bet is $.20, and I will sometimes play as high as $2.00 per spin.  While playing “Treasure Chamber,” I have received more bonus rounds on low coins, but I have also done really well while playing on higher amounts per bet.  As I have said, this is my favorite game for a very good reason.  I have had great luck playing “Treasure Chamber,” and I will always include it in my “must play” list of games.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this review represents my opinion and experience, and is in no way intended to guarantee any particular outcome from playing “Treasure Chamber” video slot. I do hope you have a chance to play “Treasure Chamber” in the near future, and that you have good luck and lots of fun!



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