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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Review of Arcadia i3D Video Slot Game

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Review of Arcadia i3D Video Slot Game

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Mandarin Palace Casino a BetOnSoft casino that offers a huge array of games. One of the newer video slots is “Arcadia i3D,” and this game represents a completely new experience in gaming.  To start, Arcadia is a dock-side factory with a production line that produces video game type characters.

The game features 3D characters in vivid colors that literally pop off the screen, most noticeably in green, yellow and blue.  There are so many different characters in the game it’s hard to know what to expect.  There are buildings, barns, farm animals, aliens, robots, automobiles, planes, boats, dinosaurs, and ghosts.  Winning combinations rise into the air, and the amount that is won is shown in large digital numbers toward the left hand side of the pay lines.

Arcadia i3D Video Slot Game is a “max ways” game with 243 ways to win. This is a good feature, because symbols don’t have to connect with each other in order to win, and so there are more winning combinations.  The wild symbol is a green alien that substitutes for every symbol except the scatter symbol, which is an orange robot that also triggers the free spin bonus.

When three or more orange alien symbols appear anywhere on the pay line, the free spin feature is triggered.  Three scatters will trigger 15 spins at two times the bet, four scatters trigger 15 spins at 4 times the bet, and five scatters trigger 15 spins at 5 time the bet.  In addition, the feature can retrigger, which is always welcome.  On this particular day I found it very hard to hit the free spins bonus.

When I began to play Arcadia i3D Video Slot Game I was betting at $1.25 per spin.  The highest payout I received for a regular spin was $6.50.  When I changed my bet to .50 cents a spin, the highest payout I received for a regular spin was $18.40, so for me, the game paid more on the lower bet.  Interestingly, when I changed my bet to $1.00, I hit the free spins almost right away, but I only won $11.36.  Overall, I did best on a .50 cent wager by far.

As usual, I found the graphics to be of extremely high quality, but the game was slow due to so much going on during and after each spin, and the audio was highly repetitive and annoying.  However, “Arcadia i3D”  turned out to be a fun and very different kind of video slot, and one that everyone should at least try playing just to see the amazing 3D graphic effects and hopefully experience the extremely high potential payouts.

Like any casino or slot review, this is all just my opinion based on my own personal experience, but I do hope you have the opportunity to experience “Arcadia i3D” for yourself very soon, and that you have the best of luck when you do!




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